Optimism vs Pessimism.

My other half and I can never be optimistic at the same time. We seem to take it in turns to be the optimist and the pessimist, or as I like to think of it “the excited one and the grounded realistic one”. At this moment in time it is my fiancĂ©’s turn to be the excited optimist, whilst it is my turn to be the grounded realistic pessimist. And thus I present the reason for this posting. Continue reading


Start Of The Journey.

So here we go, I’ll just introduce myself  & what this is all about.
My name is Charlotte, I am in my mid 20s & live with an uncontrollable progressive type of Epilepsy that is leaving several top Epilepsy Specialists very confused. My brain is not responding in the way “normal” Epilepsy brains respond to a variety of things, such as common triggers and medication. Don’t want to delve too much into that side of things (bore the few readers I may have) but basically I’m a unique case. Continue reading