Not much more to add.

Took a Pregnancy Test. Waited a painful 3 minutes. Saw it was negative. Threw pee stick in the bin.

Neither my OH nor I had allowed ourselves to get excited just in case but I know we are both just as disappointed. It would have been too early to tell people but this would have been a lovely piece of news to share with our family. Particularly my side, would have been a welcome distraction & happy thought for us all after getting the news about my dad.

My currently absent period must either be late or not coming. Thanks PCOS. Aren’t you just the medical condition gift that keeps on giving in terms of emotional turmoil! What a cruel world where PCOS symptoms can be pregnancy signs too.

I’ve got nothing more to say really. Still the owner of a vacant womb. What’s one more negative test eh?! Not like with every absence of that second line my hope seems to be pushed further and further down….

Blog/Tweet soon x

Please do feel free to comment on here or tweet me @HopeEpiMum


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