PCOS Blood Tests & More Waiting

Just a quick update in relation to my last blog post.

I finally got my period after about 2 months of it being nowhere in sight. My periods have never been regular, but I always forget how grateful I am to see it arrive! I was extra thankful it arrived as it meant I could finally get the blood tests my fertility doctor had said I needed, in addition to the internal ultrasound, before going back for another consultation in June. So 6 tubes of blood later and I am officially one step closer to getting more answers re PCOS and my fertility in general. Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game.

I am rubbish at the waiting game. Especially when it is hospital test related. I think I’m even worse this time as these results won’t just affect me but my OH too. This next appointment & thus results will tell us if I am eligible to start fertility drugs or if my ovaries etc are too bad if we have to go straight IVF. It’s a big thing to have to wait for. Bring on June!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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