Incoming X-Ray.

It’s very odd going from hating the sight of your period to willing it to turn up already. Going from grieving during your menstrual cycle as it means you aren’t pregnant, to wishing it would just come already so you can have more tests to see how viable a candidate for IVF you are. Funny how these things go, the delights of PCOS eh?!

I was beginning to lose hope my period would ever show up. If it shows up at all I’m on a 35 day cycle. Anything after 35 days and I know it just isn’t coming that month. I got to day 38 and thought that was it. There was no way I would be able to have my Hysterosalpingogram (x-ray of the uterus and Fallopian tubes) before the 4th August when we are due to go back to the consultant to get the results and find out if we can be referred to an IVF clinic. Then day 39 came.

Day 39 brought with it everything I was hoping for. It really is so weird to feel this way, to be happy to be on my period when just a few months ago I would have cried as it would have meant that BFN (big fat negative) I got on the HPT (home pregnancy test) was right and any hope I’d just tested too early was dashed! I hold my hands up to say I do now have the worst cramps which is unusual as I don’t really get cramps “normally” and the water retention is playing havoc with our Pregnancy Fit Regime as the scales we saying I’ve gains weight. The water retention is also making me nervous for my slimming world meeting on Thursday as it is technically my first weigh in and to have gained in my first week is just not right! Also my Epilepsy is linked to my menstrual cycle meaning I am more likely to have seizures during this time, I’m already noticing a difference in my absence seizures and memory problems.

All this aside, I’m trying to focus more on the fact my period coming means that I can have the needed X-Ray and so we will get both sets of results in just a months time! It’s weird but this period will take us one step closer to starting our IVF journey and that’s worth being happy about.

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