IVF Results.

Just a quick post as I am far too emotional to be writing lots! Overwhelmingly emotional in all honesty, I’m not even sure if this pits will read well at all. I should stop babbling now and just get on with it all. So here goes.

Today something happened to my fiancé and I that we will never forget.
As we walked through the hospital to get to our fertility consultant appointment, our attention was drawn towards an old man pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Time seemed to stand still as I had only meant to glance over but somehow the man grabbed our attention. This same man then looked us both straight in the eyes, one after the other and simply said “There is a light at the end of the tunnel” Once again time stood still. It felt so out of the blue, him saying this to us and we were so shocked all I could do was say thankyou before we started to walk to our appointment again. The mans eerie comment wouldn’t leave our heads as we sat in the waiting room but then quickly disappeared when we were called in.

Once in the room I could feel the emotions building up inside as I looked from my fiancé back to the consultant. My consultant started off by telling us that my fiancé has a high quantity of sperm but that a percentage of it had low mobility. This of course led to my eyes welling up. The consultant then went on to tell us that based on the results of my blood tests, X-ray and ultrasound combined with the sperm analysis results that we were very much ideal candidates for IVF but that wasn’t the end of the good news, our consultant also said that we have a small chance at being able to conceive by ourselves. Which then lead to tears of relief and happiness streaming down my face! We then got down to the finer details. I would have to lose a bit more weight (which turned out to be not so little, 3 stone to be precise) before we could be referred on to the IVF clinic. We were then told that people like us (age, health etc.) had a very high IVF success rate and that the waiting list for our demographic was fairly short too so we would be able to start the next stage of our IVF journey shortly after being referred. The consultant said that we should come back in 6 months time and if we hadn’t conceived by ourselves by then and I had lost the weight I needed to, to get my BMI down into a suitable range, then he would refer us on to the IVF clinic. As soon as we got out of the appointment room my mind flashed back to the old man. I got goosebumps as it hit me how true his words were. Everyone we told about that moment agreed with us how it sounded eerie but not creepy, just a special other worldly moment.

That old man’s words have stuck with us all day. I will never forget that moment. There was/is light at the end of the tunnel. Afterall the NHS are going to help us try to have a baby! 

Blog/Tweet soon x

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