Marriage and New Goals.

Sorry for radio silence once again it’s been a busy couple of weeks…namely due to the fact that we got married!!

I’ve officially been somebody’s wife for just over a week now. I have to admit it’s still rather surreal. Creating a new signature and changing all my details with everyone I can think of eg Tax Office, Bank, Phone Company etc. etc. no one really tells you about that bit, the bit after the wedding whereby you have so much legal stuff to do you hadn’t even thought of! Enough of the wedding talk, I’ve been told recently that it isn’t as interesting once you’re married!

I’ve spent the past week enjoying myself and I haven’t stuck to my Slimming World Plan at all. Instead I have let myself enjoy being a newly wed with a few drinks, eating out and of course a few takeaways! It’s been heavenly. Of course now I have to face the music and get back on track. I have 3stone (42lbs) to lose in just over 5 months so we can be referred on to start the next stage of our IVF journey. It’s a realistic goal as long as I can stick to my Slimming World Plan and exercise regime for these next 5 months. Which leads me on to where my mind has been wandering. I’ve decided that I need to update this blog just as our journey has been updated. So now I’m going to use it to document my IVF weight loss journey as well as the other bits of our IVF journey. It also means I’ll be posting at least once a week following on from my slimming world weigh in. Never fear though the few readers I have, I will still be blogging usual blabber I’m sure haha! Anyway be warned my before pictures will be up in post coming up so watch out for that, or avert your gaze whatever floats your boat!

I’m excited to be back to it though, back on the IVF road. This extra 3stone I’m carrying around is the only thing standing between us and trying to have a baby. I want to have children with my husband more than anything and I will work so hard to lose this weight to give us the chance at having those children. I won’t be letting extra weight, Epilepsy, PCOS or my Anxiety Disorder get in the way of that.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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