Name Debate.

It’s the biggest debate of them all, well ok it is the debate that starts the earliest….baby names. Even before you’re ready to have children you think of names you would like to call your future offspring. You ponder ideas and combinations of names that sound nice with your surname, your partner’s surname or even that celebrity crush’s surname. You have a list before you even know you have a list, vowing never to call your child after that person that was mean to you in school or that ex who was such a bad person you cant bear to associate your chid with that name. If you bear with all my rambling I promise I will end on some sort of point!

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Losing Weight with Epilepsy.

Losing weight can be difficult when you’re also battling against uncontrolled Epilepsy or indeed controlled Epilepsy. This is due to many different things for example gaining or losing weight can have effect on medication as it may alter the amount you have in your body and diets that encourage fasting or lower calorie intake ie less than the recommended amount, can also have a negative affect and may increase the likelihood of a seizure. Losing weight can also be difficult when you have PCOS due to Insulin resistance and the way the body reacts to sugar and starch.

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