Advert Sign?

I think it’s normal for people to look for and see signs when they’re trying to conceive. I am a firm believer in signs. I think that there are little things in the world that are there to help remind us of the positives that are all around. Though I am painfully aware that sometimes we can see what we want to see.

Recently I have been seeing the same thing in various locations. I’m never looking for it and it seems to just appear without warning. I’m talking about an advert. I know it sounds silly, I mean what advert doesn’t appear everywhere, but it’s true. This advert is for a local adoption agency and I’ve only seen it in real life so to speak. Not as an internet ad, nor on TV during the seven billion (slight exaggeration) ad breaks. This advert seems to crop up when I’m lost in my own head. I’ve had two “sightings” in the past week that have stuck with me. I hasten to add that these two sightings are not the only times I’ve seen this ad but simply the most recent that as I mentioned previously, stuck with me specifically.

The first “sighting” that stuck with me last week was just after I had finished the walk I previously blogged about. I was sat at the train station waiting for my train, my cheeks glowing and thinking about everything. When I say everything I was really just thinking about trying to conceive and the IVF diet. Worrying about if my efforts were going to pay off and what happened if things didn’t go the way we wanted. Not because I was being defeated, I just like having a back up plan. Anyway enough waffling, as I was saying I was waiting for my train when I saw the advert. I looked up from my seat and to the other platform. A big poster with a happy looking little boy stared back at me, underneath that was writing and the logo. All I can remember of the writing was that it said something about making a child happy, having a happy home and that was more than one way to make a family. I didn’t pay much attention but I remember it stuck with me how happy the little boy looked.

The second time I saw this poster I had just picked my niece up from school. I’d just bought us both an after school snack, when my eldest niece declared she needed the toilet. After dumping all her stuff at my feet and running to the railway toilets, I sat down to wait. Casting my eyes around My sight was drawn to a phone box. I realised I recognised the advert from earlier that week. It was the same adoption agency advert but you knew that already. When I was on the train with my niece I realised that once again I hadn’t taken in the logo or agency name. All I remembered was that it was an advert for adoption and how happy the little boy looked.

The weird thing is my husband gets the train to work everyday and passes the first train station on his train journey everyday. He also walks past the phone box everyday. When I mentioned the advert and seeing it so regularly even when I’m not fully aware of it, to my husband he agreed he thought it was noteworthy. That’s his way of admitting to it being a bit more then a coincidence. Despite the fact he passes it everyday, E hasn’t seen the advert. When I told him to specifically look out for it and exactly where it was, he still did see it. We even went so far as to find out when the train station changes it’s advertisements so we could know if maybe he just missed it, he hadn’t. None of the adverts were due to be changed anytime soon.

I think it’s a very human trait to see signs, no matter what your situation. Everyone wants to see something that will reassure them. That’s why I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself about seeing this advert. I do think it’s a sign though. A nice sign that we have other options about having children. That IVF is not the be all and end all. It isn’t the best option nor is it the worst. I once thought that I couldn’t adopt because of my Epilepsy but after reading into things online I found out that just isn’t true. Agencies seem to be more open to diversity now. Which is really exciting to be honest. Another thing I’ve recently found out about that Epilepsy can’t get in the way of.

What about you dear readers? Do you believe in signs? What’s your opinion on seeing this adoption advert everywhere? Am I simply reading too much into it all? Is it all just a coincidence?

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5 thoughts on “Advert Sign?

    • EverLoving says:

      Oh I’m so glad I don’t sound too out there! Especially as I really don’t remember much about the poster.
      I’m the same but mostly even numbers or if same dates keep popping up. What about your numbers?

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