One of Five.

Here it is, my first post updating you all on my 5 week SlimFast challenge! This will be a short blog post centring once again on my IVF Diet and my progress, different “diet” hopefully different/better results!

As you have no doubt read in previous blog posts or on my Twitter feed I have to lose weight before my husband and I can start IVF. I have tried Slimming World, following a Low Gi/Gluten Free diet and making sure to do 45 minutes of Wii Fit exercise everyday. Despite the fact I have the best motivation (chance at having a baby) I can never fully commit to these plans. I stick to the plans for about a month and then I feel like I am not doing as well as I should be or as well as others, which then kick starts my emotional over-eating habit. It is a terrible habit to have that I have fought against my whole life. Having an over-eating problem that is linked to emotions is hard especially with Epilepsy as it is a very emotional condition to live with, but combined with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome it is an extra fight on our trying to conceive journey. In my previous blog Spring Sign? I mentioned that our appointment about IVF referral is next month and so the weight loss stakes have got that bit more real to me. In the aforementioned blog I also mentioned I was starting a 5 week Slim Fast challenge.

I have an official weekly Monday weigh in. This is because my doctor put me back on a fat-binding weightloss drug called Orlistat a few months ago to help with my current weight loss efforts. I used to take Orlistat when I took Epilim (Sodium Valoporate) for my Epilepsy. I suffered badly with the weight gain side effect and my consultant felt Orlistat would help curb that. Anyway back to today. Taking Orlistat adds to my need to monitor my weight so I can report to my GP about it and any side effects. Anyway enough wittering on time to get to the numbers. After my first week of the SlimFast 3-2-1 plan, I have lost…..5lbs!!

I am feeling so proud of myself! I have done SlimFast in the past before but never closely followed the 3-2-1 plan. This past week I have tried to have upto 3 snacks under 100cals each, 2 meal shakes and 1 evening meal between 500-600 cals every day. Overall I haven’t been hungry in between meals and if I was then I just ate one of my 3 snacks. I have also been able to watch other people eat and not get jealous. I was able to make breakfast and lunch for people without being remotely jealous or giving in which bearing in mind I have a habit of over-eating it incredible. I do have a confession to make though, we did actually have a takeaway and a date night where we ate a huge amount of crisps, chocolate & sweets. We also only went swimming once last week. So with that in mind I’m hoping I can do just as well or maybe even better this week, as we will be going swimming twice and no takeaways!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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