Two of Five.

This latest update on my 5 week challenge is 3 days late! Although it is only a little post, life has got in the way of even writing that so I apologise!

This was the second week of my SlimFast 5 week challenge and I hold my hands up to the fact that I did not stick to the 321 as well as I did in my first week. It was a week of emotions and I once again consoled myself with food. Ok, that is an exaggeration, my husband and I had a date night that involved pizza, garlic bread, iced buns, chocolate, sweets and ice-cream. It was glorious! Glorious but a huge calorie binge. This binge happened two days before weigh in so although I enjoyed it at the time, I did regret it the next day. I’m not dwelling on this though as it didn’t affect my weigh in as much as I thought it would.

This week I lost 2lbs, meaning my BMI is now 32.8. This also means that in 2 weeks I have lost 7lbs! I was a bit disappointed in myself for “only” losing 2lbs this week but once I realised I had lost 1/2 a stone in 2 weeks I soon bucked up! 2lbs a week is apparently the norm for SlimFast users after their first week. I’m hoping that I do even better this week. My theory is if I lost 2lbs during a week whereby I ate more than I should of, then I can lose a little bit more in a week where I stick to my SlimFast 321 plan & daily calorie goal.

Whilst I am writing about the latest stage of my IVF Diet, I may as well mention I got some good news the other day in terms of weightloss restrictions. Our consultant had told us the local restrictions for IVF in terms of weight was a BMI of 28. We found out the other day that the local BMI restrictions for IVF is in fact 29. This equals a difference of about 7lbs, thus meaning I actually have 7lbs less to lose if I just want to get to the maximum! When you have PCOS losing weight is hard, so hearing I could actually get away with losing 7lbs less than we initially thought is a bit of weight off my & my husband’s mind! I still have a way to go ie 3-4 BMI points, but I’m feeling good about my progress. I know I won’t lose everything by our appointment in March but I know everything I will have lost by then will show how dedicated I am to this.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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