Rare Luck.

This Friday was the day of our IVF referral appointment, which was a pretty big day in our lives. Friday 20th March 2015 as it turned out wasn’t just a big day for us but was monumental for the world it seems. Continue reading


Five of Five.

It’s here, the final week of my SlimFast self imposed 5 week challenge. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on this diet for five weeks. Then again if I’m being honest I only really stuck to it 100% in my first week! Continue reading


In my last blog I mentioned about how I had been feeling like we were in a state of limbo. Our appointment about our IVF referral is in 7 days. I was supposed to be starting a new cycle today and looking forward to next week’s news. Instead I feel unsure about what is happening with my body. This is exactly what I don’t need the week before eh at could be a big turning point of our trying to conceive journey. Continue reading

Flip Flop.

Trying to conceive when you have fertility issues is a rollercoaster of emotions. No day seems to be unaffected. Hoping this cycle will be your time. Taking a pregnancy test only for a line to appear in the control window and for the test zone to remain clear. The sadnesses and disappointment overtaking your body, hope fading a little bit more. Add on the fact that I have to be aware of everything I eat, to lose the weight needed so we can have IVF, and I’m mixed up. Flip. Flop. Continue reading