Three of Five.

It’s time for my third update of my 5 week Slim Fast challenge. Over halfway through and so very near our appointment! Short little post as per usual.

This week I have lost another 2lbs! I was again a bit disappointed until I spoke to my mum. She helped me see that losing 2lbs, two weeks in a row makes it a pattern and a consistent loss amount a lot of people would be happy about. It is 2lbs less than I weighed last week and better off than on! I also realised this means I have lost 9lbs in 3 weeks, which is pretty good overall I’d say. I admit I didn’t stick to the SlimFast 321 plan exactly over the entire week. I did however, do more exercise then the previous week which I think must have cancelled out the indulgences.

It must sound like I always make excuses for not sticking to plan, I know I get frustrated with myself for this very reason. With only two weeks left of this self set challenge and the fact we have only 18 days until our appointment (eep!) I really want to give it my all from now on. I think I may have wrote that in my last weight update! Here is hoping that next week I have even better weightloss news.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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