Four of Five.

That time has come again, it’s SlimFast weigh in update time! Just one more week after this one and my 5 week self imposed challenge will be over. I think. I’m actually finding it quite a good way to keep track of my calorie intake.

This week I have put on. I put on the 2lbs I lost last week. This means I may as well not have tried this week, although as per usual for a few days this week I lost my way. I once again faltered off the SlimFast path and once again it was Friday and Saturday, only a few days before Monday weigh in. These are also the days that are less disciplined in routine as my husband doesn’t work so we can relax together. I’ve decided that after next week if I want to carry on with the SlimFast diet plan I need to change my weigh day so that I don’t ruin the week’s work with last w days of being less disciplined. I will be pleased if after the next and last weigh in I can say that I got this 2lbs off again.

I won’t beat myself up anymore about this weight gain. At the end of the day in four weeks I have still managed to lose 7lbs which is half a stone! That’s half a stone less than I weighed before! It is also a 2.8% body weight loss from my starting weight. These things all add up at the end of the day.

In the back of my mind I can’t help but think that maybe this weight gain has something to do with my missing period. Although I have PCOS and my gyno consultant isn’t even sure that I ovulate, I feel I am lucky because I have regular irregular periods. My cycle is between 30-35 days long. More often than not it comes on day 33. This time nothing. I am now on day 35 and still nothing. I took a pregnancy test on day 30 and it was negative, day 33 was also negative and day 35 (that’s today) was just the same. I know you’re supposed to wait to test until the day of/after the day of your longest cycle but I had been feeling so exhausted the past two weeks then the last few days my appetitive was weird and my favourite foods turn my stomach, so I thought that with these things in mind it may be worth testing. Now I’m not so sure. Three tests, three negative results and still no period. I’m torn. I don’t know what to believe. There is a part of me that doesn’t believe the previous tests that maybe I just tested too early. My cousin is training to be a midwife and she told me that some women don’t have enough HCG in their system for tests to pick up until they are 9 weeks pregnant. These women don’t end up knowing until they’ve had an unrelated ultrasound. The likelihood of me being one these types of women is very low. Our appointment about our IVF referral is a week this Friday, we could do without this last minute limbo state I feel. Am I pregnant? Am I kidding myself? Can I lose this weight?

Blog/Tweet soon x

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