Five of Five.

It’s here, the final week of my SlimFast self imposed 5 week challenge. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on this diet for five weeks. Then again if I’m being honest I only really stuck to it 100% in my first week!

On this my last weigh in I have discovered I have lost another 1lbs. Which means I have lost half the amount of weight I had put on past week. Least it is off and thus I’m once again heading in the right direction! All in all these last five weeks have not been all bad. I haven’t been as strict with myself as I had initially wanted to be but that being said I haven’t let myself down either. I have lost 8lbs in five weeks. Not as much as I wanted to lose as I did want to end this challenge with myself being down I to that next stone bracket. I say that but as my mother told me to remember it’s not a bad amount either, considering I have had a gain that set me back in my penultimate week.

I’ve decided I am going to carry on having a SlimFast shake a day and not just because I have a huge amount of tubs of chocolate shake powder left! I found the SlimFast shakes really helped me keep a track of my calorie intake. It means that I am having something for breakfast/lunch and that it isn’t just something easy or high in fat. Having the SlimFast snacks on hand have helped as well as I can eat a little savoury snack or chocolate bar and not worry about eating things that will ruin my efforts. I actually find the SlimFast 321 plan easier than any of the Slimming World plans I’ve been on. The problem with Slimming World for me is that although you can eat as much of certain foods as you wish, this leads to me overheating just because I can. As I think I’ve shown with these posts you can have some naughty days on SlimFast and still lose weight that week. I’m now trying to convince my husband to join me in the plan as whilst I have been losing weight over the past 10 months, he has been slowing packing it on. It will be good to have a diet buddy.

Ten months ago I was 19st 7lbs and my BMI was 37. I am now 17st 3lbs and my BMI is now 32.7. So in 10 months I have lost 2st 4lbs. I haven’t been completely strict for the whole amount of time. In fact I’d say only 7 months of those 10 was I fully committed to losing weight ie eating sensibly and excercising regularly. At this point in time I still have a minimum of 1st 10lbs to lose before I am at an ok weight for IVF in our area. In my head I want to lose another 2st and then I am done with dieting! I would still be in the overweight category of a BMI chart but at 6ft tall I have never looked the weight that I am.  Also life is too short to forever be dieting and I’d much rather embrace the body I have then forever be criticising and trying to change it.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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