Rare Luck.

This Friday was the day of our IVF referral appointment, which was a pretty big day in our lives. Friday 20th March 2015 as it turned out wasn’t just a big day for us but was monumental for the world it seems.

As I blogged about in my post Spring Signs? Friday 20th March was the start of the Spring Equinox ie the start Spring, which is perceived as the season of new beginnings. Friday was not just a big day in cosmos because of this though. It was also the day of a Solar Eclipse! This type of eclipse marks the start of the new solar year. Just like the Spring Equinox it is regarded by many as a time of new beginnings. A Solar Eclipse is a rare phenomenon on it’s own but the fact it was on at the same time as the start of the Spring Equinox makes it very rare indeed! Anyways there is a point to my sharing this with you. The eclipse was at it’s peak at 9:30am, which was the exact time of our appointment with our consultant!

As we walked into the hospital it felt like everyone was leaving to watch and take photos of the eclipse. It was surreal walking against the flow of people but we walked on into our appointment nervous and excited. Turns out we needn’t have been nervous. Our bottoms had hardly touched the seat before the consultant got straight to the point. Mr S asked how my weight loss was going. After I’d told him how I’d done over last 10 months, he didn’t say anything but simply nodded. We were then told that the waiting lists for IVF in our area weren’t too long and he would now write to the Liverpool clinic referring us on! Which means we got our IVF referral!! We are going to be having IVF thanks to the NHS. After welling up a bit I managed to say thankyou about 10 times, to which our consultant said there was no need to thank him as I had done all the hard work! It was so nice to hear this, especially from a doctor that I ended up happy crying even more as we left the hospital room.

Friday 20th March 2015 certainly was a day for new beginnings! In all honestly I had a good feeling about this appointment once I found out it was also the first day of spring but I had no idea how amazing it would really be. A Solar Eclipse and the start of the Spring Equinox, who could ask for more cosmic help? The planets truly aligned for us that day and I will never forget it! That is so cheesy but I’m so happy and excited I don’t really care! Bring on the next stage of trying to conceive, the official start of our IVF journey!

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