Updated: Best Letter of 2015 So Far!

I haven’t blogged since the first day of spring, the day we got the go ahead for our referral to a local IVF clinic. It’s been a lovely few weeks filled with positivity and happiness. I’ve been doing so well with my IVF Diet last few weeks too, well aside this past week with it being Easter Bank holiday and having a friend to stay but that’s another story! We got an exciting development today that I wanted to share.

My dad rang me earlier to say I had two hospital letters get delivered to their address for me today. Upon my say so he opened them for me. One was a letter confirming my Epilepsy review appointment with my neurologist in a fortnight and the other was from the Liverpool Royal Women’s Hospital. I don’t really know what the letter specifically says but from what my dad told me there were forms with the letter. Apparently we have to fill these in and send them back as soon as possible. Once the clinic have these and have looked them over, then the process to make our first appointment can be started.

My husband is going to swing by my parents’ house this evening to pick up the letters. So I will know more later and can hopefully update this post with a little more information. For now I’m a little in the dark.

UPDATE:  Here is the aforementioned letter.

The All Important Letter!

I am so excited, especially as it says there is currently no waiting list in our area! The forms were the usual kind of thing, names, address, GP information, how long we’ve been trying to conceive, if we reside together, both of our BMI’s etc. We have filled in the forms and will post them back as soon as I stop freaking out. I asked the clinic what the timeframe of this bit of the process was. The reply freaked me out a little more. Apparently once the finance department confirm our NHS funding eligibility within two weeks we will be invited to a patient information evening, which the clinic said is a part of the initial process and happens just before our first appointment.

 It worries me slightly in all honesty. I am so happy and excited yet I still have a little worrying niggle all because I still have 1st to lose. The consultant said I could lose this before we started our first IVF cycle but now I’m doubtful. Surely I’ll have to have lost that 1st before our first appointment at the fertility clinic or would it be by the patient information evening? Which could be soon if this letter and the follow up information is anything to go by. The clinic could end up turning us away because I’m not at the right weight, couldn’t they, then where will we be? I’m happy the next bit of our journey seems to be starting but in all honesty I’m worried that I’ve screwed it up. I haven’t lost enough weight yet. I have wanted this for so long, yet I find myself hoping that we have at least another month so that I can lose the rest of this weight! I never thought I’d be wishing more waiting on myself!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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