Updated: More Good News Letters!

Following on from our good news in March, as I blogged about HERE, we again received good news via letter, but not just one letter or piece of good newsbut two! Our local clinic has processed our IVF eligibility forms and we have been approved for IVF on the NHS. We are also lucky as the information sheet that came with this letter, goes on to say that we will be funded for up to three cycles of IVF and/or six cycles of IUI! The second letter confirmed we had been accepted for NHS funded treatment and that the clinic were now in a position to offer us a place at the next Patient Information Evening. I just had to ring the clinic to arrange this.

So today I rang the clinic just as the second letter told me to and I spoke to a a really friendly, helpful lady. I was told that the Patient Information Evening is the start of our NHS IVF treatment hence why it is vital we attend. After confirming details I was told that the next evening is being held on the Wednesday 6th May at 5:30pm and asked if we were both avaliable to attend. Of course I said yes, which means in just 12 days time we will officially be starting our IVF journey! The Patient Information Evening is apparently the first step before we move on to a one-to-one consultation where I presume they will carry out more tests before deciding what route of treatment we are best doing. I am so happy, we are getting the help we need to have the chance at having a baby. We have a few people in our life constantly telling us to stay grounded, not to get ahead of ourselves, not to out all our eggs in one basket etc to those people I say boo! We are very aware that this is a chance at having a baby and not a guaranteed thing! We are also aware that if we don’t acknowledge what a big achievement getting this far is that we are in trouble of not realising how strong we are. We are thinking with positivity, not naivety and that, that is what is helping us.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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