Before all this started I used to dream. I dreamt whilst I was still working. Before my Epilepsy interfered and I could still earn a living. Before we had to leave our first home together. Before we were engaged. Before we started trying for a baby. Before we were both diagnosed with fertility issues. I dreamt. Continue reading


Weight Obsession & PCOS Lies?

I cannot remember a time when doctors haven’t told me to lose weight. Even as a child when I first got diagnosed with Epilepsy no matter what medication I was on a doctor was worried about weight gain as a side effect. It seemed even then I was labelled as overweight and so that is how I saw myself. I resigned myself to the fact that I was always going to stick out as I was/am tall and fat. I tried and failed at dieting only ever losing a stone at the most which didn’t really make much of a difference. I gave up trying to lose weight, ignoring comments from doctors whenever I had a checkup. Losing weight would supposedly help with my seizure frequency, pfft as if. Losing weight would help with my depression, yeah ok. Losing weight would help with my confidence issues, whatever that is so superficial. Then we started trying for a baby. Continue reading

Waiting Again.

As regular readers and Twitter followers will know I had my blood tests last Thursday. I hadn’t realised it was a drop in service and so arrived at 8:15am just as my letter told me to. I didn’t mind though as it meant I was the first one in the queue, hurrah! All went without a hitch which Continue reading


I wish this was to do with food. Thanks to this acronym I dreamt last night we went out for dinner where I ate a steak & ale pie followed by a toffee and pecan pie. I didn’t realise I liked pie so much! Alas this blog post is not about delicious pastry treats but about what our clinic deems the start of our IVF treatment, the Patient information evening ie PIE. Continue reading