I wish this was to do with food. Thanks to this acronym I dreamt last night we went out for dinner where I ate a steak & ale pie followed by a toffee and pecan pie. I didn’t realise I liked pie so much! Alas this blog post is not about delicious pastry treats but about what our clinic deems the start of our IVF treatment, the Patient information evening ie PIE.

We had been told to arrive for 5:20pm as we need to be signed in and the talks were due to be started at exactly 5:30pm. Due to the husband knowing better than me (pfft) about when to ring for a taxi combined with the start of rush hour traffic we arrived at exactly 5:30pm. I became very anxious as we walked towards the meeting area as I was worried we were too late. Luckily for us one of the doctors had not arrived yet and so everyone was still waiting in the reception area. Hurrah! We signed in and got given an information pack, consent forms (5 thick forms to fill in each) along with an envelope which I wanted to open but couldn’t at that point as everyone was being ushered into the lecture room. I’ll be honest we weren’t really told anything that we didn’t already know thanks to my need to research! I think we were quite well prepared thanks to lovely Twitter people and all the books I had bought us! We did learn that our clinic offers acupuncture and dietician services but looking at the price list we just can’t afford it. I know many people have said how amazing acupuncture is but the fact is we don’t have the money to spend on it, besides which I really don’t like the idea of it. I was happy to see that in our pack was a flowchart that showed the process and next steps. I appreciate that treatment is very individual so they can’t exactly say when each step will be but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have an average time between each step. Here is the flowchart. 

Hewitt Fertility Centre IVF Treatment Flow Chart

I’ve written the date of our PIE next to the start header as I want to keep it for future reference if need be. I know the picture may not be very big or of good quality but you may be able to see that the next step is blood/sperm tests. As my husband had all his tests under a year ago the lucky thing doesn’t have to have may thing now, I on the other hand do. I am scheduled to have blood tests next Thursday (14/05/2015), these are apparently for AMH and Rubella status/immunity? After this, according to the flowchart, we will attend a consultation to discuss results and return the consent forms. If results are ok treatment will start with my next period. That just happens to be around 28th May. Let me just put that into perspective for you that is about two weeks after my blood tests. Now I don’t think I’m that lucky! After all I have no idea how long it will be between the blood tests and our consultation. We could just miss out on starting this month and thus our first cycle would be more likely to  start mid to late June. I’m not sure which I’d prefer. I guess June in a way because I still have this last 4lbs to lose! Although I guess I could lose 4lbs in three weeks. I just don’t want to feel we we rushing into our first cycle, I know my husband will not do well if he feels rushed! Although is it really rushing when we’ve spent the last year working towards this? Getting healthier, mentally coming to terms with our combined infertility and it being something we talk about everyday? I’m excited. I’m nervous. I feel a bit overwhelmed at how real this all is now but mostly I am so happy we are at this point! It felt like limbo before we went to our PIE, neither started but not unstarted either, least now we know we are on our way!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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