Different Waiting.

About an hour after I blogged about Waiting Again I received a call from our clinic! All of my blood test results were back so the lovely appointments lady was ringing to see when we were available to come in for a consult. The woman I spoke to then offered us a couple of dates in June and then asked if we wanted to come in earlier as there is currently no waiting list and they have lots of appointments. After a small inner turmoil I decided to go for the first appointment in June as that gave me enough time to lose this last 8lbs!

So getting to the point of this blog, I am very excited to share that we have our first IVF consult on 5th June at 10:45am! Now a different kind of waiting begins! Just over a fortnight to get rid of these last pesky few pounds, which in all honesty is a very good distraction! I’ve also realised that as our consult is 5th amine that my next AF should have been and gone by then so we will most likely be starting our first IVF cycle end of June to early July. That’s if all things continue to go smoothly!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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