Waiting Again.

As regular readers and Twitter followers will know I had my blood tests last Thursday. I hadn’t realised it was a drop in service and so arrived at 8:15am just as my letter told me to. I didn’t mind though as it meant I was the first one in the queue, hurrah! All went without a hitch which is most unusual as I have deep shy veins that usually ends with the nurses having to take samples from my hand, which is not the most pleasant of experiences! I asked the nurse if she had any idea how long the results would take, the answer surprised me. My Rubella antibody test results would come back that same day and the AMH test results would be back the next week ie this week. The nurse then went on to tell me that after the clinic gets both results back I would be sent a letter with an appointment for our first consult in it. That’s all the information I got. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for what the nurse did tell me but I still can’t help the fact my brain is running wild about when our consult will be. Will it be soon? Will it be next week before my next AF is due? Or will it be two weeks from now and thus we’ll be waiting until the end of June before we can start our first cycle?

I, just like many other TTC ladies, had big hopes that we would start as soon as possible. My next period is due around 30th May, seeing as it is now 19th May and we haven’t had our first consult yet. I think this wishful thinking should officially be put away now. To be honest this was quicker than we had originally thought anyway. The 18week guideline suggested we would start in June which with the way things are going seems to be accurate. So for now I am still waiting. Anxiously jumping every time I hear the postman just in case today is the day I find out when our consult will be. People who aren’t going through this journey don’t seem to be very aware of quite how much waiting it involves! Waiting for referral, waiting for information evenings, waiting for blood tests, waiting for consults etc. This journey is a never ending waiting game! And no I am not getting any better at it!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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