IVF#1 Scan Time: The Follicles Awaken.

So as I quickly blogged about this morning it is the day of my second scan. I have had my date with the internal ultrasound wand. It’s our second date within a week and we have a third on Friday, I think this means we’re going steady! Anyway I’m using humour to divert the point of this blog, and now I’m breaking the fourth wall. Does a blog even have a fourth wall? That’s a question for another day, back to blogging about my follicles! Continue reading


IVF#1 Growing Pains

Today is day four of the stimulation phase of my short protocol cycle. And oh am I feeling it! This morning I put on my jeans ready for a walk and found that although I could get them on, my stomach was bursting out of the seams! Of course my first thought was that I was being over sensitive so I demanded my husband felt my stomach to confirm or deny. His remarks of “Oh yeah, hello ovaries, wow there’s some heat from them too” confirmed it wasn’t just psychosomatic! I have officially hit the bloating phase! Continue reading

IVF#1 On Your Marks.

Today we had our baseline scan. This is the scan that marks the start of your cycle and is what they base your follicle growth on. I’m not going to go into much detail about the scan, just know that the highlights of it include being done vaginally and being done on the second day of my period! Now moving on to different details of this internal scan. Continue reading

Questions of Sharing.

It can feel lonely when you’re struggling trying to conceive and IVF is an emotional roller coaster. One of the biggest things people struggle with is if they should or indeed what to tell people what they’re going through. Should you tell? Who do you tell? When do you tell? How do you even bring it up? These are all questions that everyone I’ve spoken to has struggled or is struggling with. There is no right answer to any of them. The thing about IVF is that each journey is different and personal. I can’t tell you what to do but I can share what we decided on. I have blogged about this subject before but felt it was worth going a bit more in depth as it is such a big part of the journey. Continue reading

IVF#1: Latest Member of IVF Drugs Gang.

It is official I am the lastest member of IVF drugs club! As I write this we have just got in from our drugs appointment with a nurse at our clinic. I have been having a bad week battling my depression and anxiety disorder, throw in a Tonic Clonic seizure yesterday and as you can probably guess I wasn’t feeling so great about this appointment! First off we had all our medication delivered on Wednesday. So prepare yourself for a gratuitous IVF medication picture:

Continue reading

Happily Moving Forward.

As regular readers and tweeters will know we had our first IVF consult on Friday (05/06/15). The few days leading up to it passed by slowly in a haze of nerves and obsessing over BMI as well as AMH results. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyday felt like it was twice as long as the previous! Finally the day arrived and I was surprised by the fact that all my nerves and excitement had gone, instead I just felt numb. Continue reading