Happily Moving Forward.

As regular readers and tweeters will know we had our first IVF consult on Friday (05/06/15). The few days leading up to it passed by slowly in a haze of nerves and obsessing over BMI as well as AMH results. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyday felt like it was twice as long as the previous! Finally the day arrived and I was surprised by the fact that all my nerves and excitement had gone, instead I just felt numb.

Despite our appointment being at 10:45am we still had a bit of a wait which gave me more time to annoy my husband with inane chatter. Once we were called in things seemed to go quite quickly with a lot of information. We had to go through all our consent forms with the consultant and give both of our medical history’s all over again. We had a bit of a blip when the consult had to go away to check if my husband had been off his anti-depressants for long enough for us to be able to move forward. My blood test results were glossed over, I just got told that my AMH levels were fine (I think I saw the number 20 but I have no idea really) and that was it. Again the subject of me having to be very carefully monitored came up, this is because of my Epilepsy and PCOS. We were given an indepth talk about OHSS which is quite daunting no matter how many times you have it! Eventually we were told that all was ok and that we will be funded for 3 fresh cycles! We were also told that due to husband having sperm motility issues that we will be doing the ICSI route of IVF.

We were then told that a nurse would now weigh me and take some blood from each of us to test for HIV. This is where things didn’t go so smoothly. The height and weight machine measured me as being 5ft10, which made my BMI 31 and so the nurse wanted to send us away at this point. I couldn’t believe it, I’m 6ft for goodness sake not 5ft10! I then made her measure my husband who is actually 5ft10, which the machine confirmed. The nurse then clicked on that maybe the machine was broken as she could see there was a difference in our height! The nurse then went away to chat to her supervisor to figure out what to do. We must have only been sat in that room for 5minutes but again it felt like longer. The nurse then came back and told us that even if I was 6ft my BMI was 29.9 and so before we started our first cycle I had to lose another 4lbs. My husband was more annoyed than me about this. In his mind it was orang that I had lost the 4st they told me to lose only to be told to lose another 4lbs, he felt they should have said 4st 4lbs if that what was needed! Despite this “hiccup” we did get to progress to next step, booking our drugs appointment! All the medication will be delivered to me within next few weeks and then we learn what to take when/how on 19th June 2:30pm! This is also the date that I will be weighed on again so I need to lose this extra 4lbs in about two weeks. Doesn’t sound too bad but any fellow ladies with PCOS will tell you losing anything with this condition is a battle!

All in all I’m so happy with how this consult went. We are officially moving forward! We will be starting our first ICSI cycle with my next period which is any time from end of June to start of July. I just hope this one comes closer to day 30 rather than day 50 as it has been in the past! Ok so that’s two things I’m hoping and praying for at the moment, a 4lbs weightloss and a timely period!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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