IVF#1: Latest Member of IVF Drugs Gang.

It is official I am the lastest member of IVF drugs club! As I write this we have just got in from our drugs appointment with a nurse at our clinic. I have been having a bad week battling my depression and anxiety disorder, throw in a Tonic Clonic seizure yesterday and as you can probably guess I wasn’t feeling so great about this appointment! First off we had all our medication delivered on Wednesday. So prepare yourself for a gratuitous IVF medication picture:

Inside this box is everything we need for our first IVf cycle!


Nice display of all of our meds

I think taking a picture of all your medication is a rite of passage. It certainly made me feel like it was official, this is a thing that I’m actually doing. I’m actually doing a short protocol ICSI IVF cycle. I can’t pretend it was easy. Honestly I opened the box and I just felt overwhelmed. I did have a cry over the reality of what these medications mean. After speaking to ladies on Twitter and my clinic support group I learnt this was all really normal. Emotions are high and it can be such a battle to get to this point it’s ok to let it out! As I am doing a short protocol cycle I don’t have as many meds as some ladies do. I will just briefly go through what I do have:

  • Sharps box, syringes, drawing needles and injecting needles as expected!
  • MERIONAL: This is the first drug I have to inject (after I get the go ahead from my CD2/3 baseline scan) I take this in the evening on its own for the first 5 days. I was told the day I start taking these meds becomes my new cycle day 1 (CD1).
  • CETROTIDE: This is the second drug I will then inject, again after getting the  go ahead from my clinic at a scan on my CD5. This could be later depending on how well my follicles are growing. This has to be taken in the morning and I take it alongside Merional.
  • GONASI HP: This is the trigger shot. I will inject this 36hours before egg collection. It will be decided when egg collection will be at my CD10 (if all goes to plan but it’s not bad if it’s a few days later) scan.
  • CYCLOGEST: My nurse said I didn’t need to worry about these for now as they were pessaries were to be taken from egg collection onwards apparently? So I’m ignoring those for now. These are actually the ones I’m most not looking forward to!

Anyway moving onto our drugs appointment. Regular readers and Twitter followers will know that at our consult a fortnight ago I was told to lose an extra 4lbs. The problems with this were that they didn’t tell me what weight they had measured me as so I had no idea what weight they wanted me to be and losing 4lbs in 2 weeks may not seem a lot to some people but with my PCOS and epilepsy medication that has a side effect of weight gain, it was a big ask! We got there today and after a bit of a wait we got called in by the nurse. The first thing she asked when we sat down was if I’d had my BMI checked yet. She then showed me a big pink note in my file that said I needed it checking as I had been measured as having a BMI of 30. So off the nurse and I went to a room where she could measure me and I could babble a lot of excuses. It turns out this time they measured me as 5ft 8″ I could not believe it. That was even smaller than they had measured me as previously ie 5ft 10″. I once again pointed out that I was 6ft and that my GP had measured me as having BMI of 29.4 which is within my area’s NHS funding guidelines. Again I was sent back to the room where my husband had been sat patiently whilst the nurse went off to check with the matron. After a bit more waiting the nurse came back and said the matron had okayed us to carry on with treatment. I did have to agree to stay aware of my weight and that I would work towards getting my BMI down even more, because as you know weight is the be all and end of all of every health problem ever. Grrr! Everything after this went really smoothly. We had decided that due to a few safety concerns re my Epilepsy, to be on the safe side and for my own peace of mind, my husband would be the one injecting into my belly. This meant he had a practise at jabbing me which wasn’t bad at all. I think his year of paediatric nursing totally helped! I’ve withered on for long enough now but I just what to say that overall after  a week of feeling like I was sinking down into a low phase I am back up on the positive scale! I’m excited, I’m happy we’re doing this and I just want my period to hurry up and arrive! That way I can fill in this booklet!  

Blog/Tweet soon x

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