IVF#1 On Your Marks.

Today we had our baseline scan. This is the scan that marks the start of your cycle and is what they base your follicle growth on. I’m not going to go into much detail about the scan, just know that the highlights of it include being done vaginally and being done on the second day of my period! Now moving on to different details of this internal scan.

Upon entering the room and after hiding behind a curtain to remove everything from the waist down, my sonographer asked if it was ok for a trainee to sit in with us which I agreed to. It was quite good having a trainee there as it meant the sonographer pointed a lot more out on the screen than the last time I had a scan. She also moved the screen so that I could see everything too. I’d recommend asking for them to do this as you get a better insight into your own body which is always good! Anyway moving on to what the scan revealed. My womb lining is apparently nice and thin, which is good. My sonographer was really nice as she then showed me where they would implant an embryo. It may be considered a way off but I appreciated the gesture! As we moved towards my ovaries the sonographer said “oh your notes didn’t mention you had a retroverted womb” and which point my heart beat faster. I had no idea if this was good or bad so of course I asked. The lady was surprised that I didn’t know already, especially as I’d had an internal ultrasound before. Apparently a retroverted womb is neither good or bad, it’s just the way 20% of women are built and means that my womb tilts backwards rather than sit straight in the middle. Back to the ovaries. My right ovary has a good amount of good sized follicles which I admit I strained to see on the screen! My left ovary is the same but co rains one follicle that is slightly bigger than the others. This could mean I may have to run the risk of sacrificing this bigger follicle so that the others can catch up. Needs of many etc etc.

Whilst I got dressed the sonographer printed off the screenshots of everything to stick in my file. Again it was really interesting seeing this as I learnt more about my body and how intricate everything is. After writing the findings down, she confirmed that because my AMH levels are high I may need an extra scan between my pre-booked second (Tuesday 30th June) and third (Friday 3rd July) scans, however this will be confirmed at my second scan. Just 5 days away! After confirming we had all the medication we needed and have had our drugs appointment, I got told that we should do our first injection that night. That was it we had the go ahead. We were starting our first cycle!

My husband did our first injection at 6pm this evening. It didn’t hurt and I actually giggled half way through, which I don’t really recommend! Hubby signed my medication booklet to confirm the administration of the medication with a great big grin on his face. Both of us are feeling really positive, excited and happy right now. Not overly confident or unaware of reality, just positive. Taking each day as it comes and celebrating it for the big step that it is! Will be keeping an extra eye out for seizure activity just in case but as long as I take it easy and stay relaxed things should be ok. Funnily enough (or sensibly enough) some of my seizure triggers are also things to avoid during IVF so I’m being extra cared for and pampered! Bring on the next few weeks, may they pass with no seizures and a continuation of this positivity!

On your marks, get set, go short protocol ICSI cycle!

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