IVF#1 Growing Pains

Today is day four of the stimulation phase of my short protocol cycle. And oh am I feeling it! This morning I put on my jeans ready for a walk and found that although I could get them on, my stomach was bursting out of the seams! Of course my first thought was that I was being over sensitive so I demanded my husband felt my stomach to confirm or deny. His remarks of “Oh yeah, hello ovaries, wow there’s some heat from them too” confirmed it wasn’t just psychosomatic! I have officially hit the bloating phase!

I think I’ve been quite lucky so far. I get a few cramps about five minutes after my Merional injection but aside this and the bloating I’ve not really had sideeffects/symptoms. I’ve not had any headaches and touch wood so far no increase in seizures! I’m having my usual daily micro absence seizures but no tonic clinic seizures. I hadn’t been too nervous about seizures increasing, but it had been on my mind that my seizures were linked to my menstrual cycle and so injecting more hormones into my body may have an effect. It’s early days though so I won’t write anything off quite yet. After all it’s day four of Merional and I still have at least six days left of it! Saying or rather wrong all of this I am still really so positive and happy right now. I’d take bloating and a few cramps any day if it means everything is going well and my follicles are growing well.

Now to get through tomorrow before it’s back to the clinic for another internal scan to check up on these follicles of mine!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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