IVF#1 Scan Time: The Follicles Awaken.

So as I quickly blogged about this morning it is the day of my second scan. I have had my date with the internal ultrasound wand. It’s our second date within a week and we have a third on Friday, I think this means we’re going steady! Anyway I’m using humour to divert the point of this blog, and now I’m breaking the fourth wall. Does a blog even have a fourth wall? That’s a question for another day, back to blogging about my follicles!

I was feeling a bit, what I call, seizurey before I got called in. I can’t accurately describe this feeling, it’s a mixture of cotton wool head and detachment form your body. I’ve had times where these have turned into full tonic clinic seizures and times where nothing has happened at all. Thankfully this was one of those latter times! I was called in and settled into my place with ease, head back, legs spread may be a little cold! This time was a little different as the nurse practitioner said she would scan then talk me through rather than at the same time as the lady did last time. After staring at the ceiling for x amount of time, out came the scan cam and I was told to put my knickers back on. Then the nurse practitioner got straight into follicle talk.

My right ovary is working harder. It has one follicle measuring at 11.5mm and one follicle measuring 10.5mm. My right ovary also has twelve other follicles but all are currently measuring under 10mm. My left ovary has 14 follicles overall but they are all only measuring under 10mm. I am no expert but for those who don’t know, my clinic says that they look for a size of about 17-22mm for eggs collection. Anything under 10mm is considered not good enough as it is less likely to have a mature egg in. So at the moment ie day 5 of my short protocol stimms I was told they aren’t seeing quite the response they wanted. For any of my IVF friends do you have may tips to help my follicles grow? Please do comment on here with any advice so other readers can benefit from your wisdom too!

With this news my nurse practitioner then left the room to go talk to a consultant about what the next step should be. After what seemed like forever she came back with an action plan written on a post it! I was to start my 0.25mg Cetrotide injection from today but from tonight I am to increase my Merional by one amp. This will make my daily evening dose of 225iu. This is somewhere in the middle of the recommended dose, in fact it’s slap bang in the middle, with 75iu being the lowest and the highest being 375iu! I have to take this increased dose Tuesday (tonight), Wednesday and Thursday. Which will leave me with one amp (75iu) on Friday which is the day I’m back for my third scan. At this scan my follicles will be checked again and then the clinic all decide what the best thing for us to do is. Hopefully the increased dose of Merional will stimulate these slow follicles of mine, so that we don’t have to extend the stimming phase or worst case scenario have to abandon this cycle. That is my worst fear, having to abandon the cycle as we only (I say only but we’re very lucky) get three NHS cycles and an abandoned cycle would count as one of these goes. Come on follicles. Don’t let me down!

I was warned that as I have high AMH levels, due to my PCOS, that increasing my Merional does increase the risk of Ovary Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). The nurse practitioner then said that they thought this risk was worth it, as the higher dose may kickstart the other twenty six follicles into growing and catching up with the bigger two. I know it only takes one egg and it’s quality over quantity but I would really rather not risk it! I would rather be able to have pick of the crop than settle. I am now on watch for pain that doesn’t go with paracetamol, too much bloating, nausea and diarrhoea. If any of these present I am to ring the clinic straight away.

I don’t think I can describe how I feel completely. It’s a mixture of disappointment, sadness, worry and hope. I thought I was doing really well. I took the bloating as a sign that my follicles were growing brilliantly. I wasn’t even worried about this scan. Now I feel naive. Please let the increased dose work. Please grow follicles.

Blog/Tweet soon x

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3 thoughts on “IVF#1 Scan Time: The Follicles Awaken.

  1. Mellymoo says:

    Hiya, sorry I didn’t pop back sooner but in all caught up on your UVF journey now! Very excited for you now that you’ve started injections- your journey sounds very similar to my own- the bloating, the slow follicles, increase in meds, the risk of OHSS and the lack of other side effects! I though our cycle was sure to get cancelled as nothing was happening even by day 8, as it was we carried on injections until day 16!! We had egg collection on the weekend (7eggs), followed by icsi and just come home from hospital plus with a 5 day embryo! Eeek!! Fingers crossed for your journey too x

    • EverHopeful says:

      Thank you for reading again lovely!
      I’m really glad (although sorry you went through this too) someone else has had same sort of journey! Felt I was only one at some points!
      We got our date for egg collection, it’s on Tuesday so just 3 days left of injections! xx

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