IVF#1 Follie Watch.

Today was the day of our third scan. This was again to check up on my follicles, to see how they’re growing etc. Ever since our second scan on Tuesday I’ve been feeling a bit apprehensive about today. That was until yesterday when I had a moment of clarity, I couldn’t change anything, it was beyond my control and so I had to stay calm or risk making things worse for myself ie increasing risk of a seizure.

I woke up at 6am this morning ready for my Cetrotide injection. Normally I can fall back asleep with no problem but today I just couldn’t. My stomach was hurting and my brain was running at 100mph. I have to say my head wasn’t feeling so good about this early start. I decided if I didn’t want a seizure then I had to keep busy, keep my brain occupied and seizures at bay. After busying myself with trying on clothes (seriously my jeans & even some dresses are a bit tight) I finally found something that was comfortable. I rang for a taxi, actually no that’s a lie I used an app as I don’t like talking on the phone, then waited. I arrived at the clinic at 9:20. Which I was not expecting, no rush hour traffic to get caught in! My appointment was at 9:45. I then waited until 10:15 to be seen, which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t have arrived twenty five minutes early!

Now for follicle talk. My right ovary now has one follicle at 17.5mm, one follicle at 18mm and around twelve follicles still measuring under 10mm. My left ovary still has around fourteen follicles all still measuring under 10mm. I thought this wasn’t great but to my surprise the sonographer (same one I saw for my baseline which I was happy about) said she would go ahead and book my Egg Collection! I have to wait for a phonecall this afternoon for specific timings but for now I can share that my egg collection is going to be 7th July 2015, in other words this coming Tuesday! I have to continue taking 3 amps (225iu) of Merional of an evening and one Cetrotide injection in the morning up until Sunday. Then on Sunday I will take my last dose of Cetrotide at my usual time of 6am and my last dose of Merional at an earlier time of 3pm. I will also take my trigger injection (Gonasi) on Sunday although time to be confirmed! Overall the sonographer said that all my follicles have grown since the last scan and that three extra days of the higher dose of stimulation medication should make even more of a difference. Apparently for “people like you (me)” it can be difficult to gauge reactions but that overall I’ve done ok as they don’t want all the little follicles to grow but that they did want to see a few more to grow to a bigger size. Although saying this she then went onto to clarify that it is really normal for women with PCOS who have high AMH levels to have lots of follicles but no run away ones. We have more follicles that grow which is why they tend to be a bit smaller, less meds to go around when they are lots of them! My clinic deliberately started me on low dose of Merional as the risk of OHSS was high due to my high AMH levels but apparently if this cycle doesn’t work then on our next cycle they will start me on 3 amps (225iu) of Merional from the start and then increase to 4amps (300iu) if needed. Least we have a plan for just in case. I hope this just in case remains exactly that though! Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive and I’m ok with doing another cycle, I just hope we at least get to the fertilisation stage this cycle!

Anyway that’s what is happening with me. I’m being harvested on Tuesday! Bring it on! I hope it is a bountiful quality harvest, all ready for ICSI fertilisation! As the nurse said to me several times, it’s not quantity but quality, let us hope our harvest is full of the latter!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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