IVF#1 Harvest Time.

Oh well have I got a lot to blog about! I’m feeling so happy and extremely lucky so apologies in advance for any gushing! Today was the day of our egg collection. We had to be at the clinic for 7:30am with a view to have the collection procedure at 8:30am. My hubby was feeling a bit nervous about this early start as not enough sleep and getting up too early is one of my Epilepsy seizure triggers, it turns out there was no need to worry!

We arrived at the clinic in plenty of time. In fact, despite the early morning we seemed to be the only ones running on time! After getting undressed and putting on a fetching hospital gown with matching hat, we sat and waited. I read a book whilst my husband went off to produce his semen sample. When he came back I nervously jabbered on about anything and everything. After more waiting an Anesthetist came to talk to us. I understand that because of my Epilepsy and the fact that it is uncontrolled they have to be extra cautious, cue lots of questions about my seizure frequency and medication. I was also asked if I fully understood that the sedation increases my risk of a Tonic Clonic seizure both during the procedure, after and for the following few days. Of course instead of reassuring me, this made me realise the reality of it all and thus made me a bit more nervous. Again I needn’t of worried. After this talk I was taken through to the procedure room. My hubby was allowed in with me at first whilst I got settled. He was laughing as every time someone else entered the room my heartbeat monitored beeped louder and faster. This happened in paticular when the doctor came in and asked if we’d met before, as all I could think was he was looking at the wrong end and I must have a very familiar looking vagina! Moving on, the next thing I know I’m being sedated. The last thing I remember is saying “oh this feels a it like when I come round from a seizure, fuzzy and weird” which I can imagine got the doctors a bit nervous!

The next thing I can fully remember is being in bed in our little private room and being really excited about tea and biscuits. In fact my husband said it was one of the funniest things he has seen as it sums me up perfectly. Every few minutes I would forget about the biscuits and rediscover bits on my gown. Amongst this I would also say things like: Oh is that biscuit, I love biscuit, think this is shortcake, oh this shortcake on my gown, shortcake is the evil brother of shortbread etc. My husband took some snapchats that provided very entertaining for the world! We actually took a really nice photo during this funny high phase whilst we waited for news on how m at eggs had been collected.

You can totally see the biscuit on my gown!


Aw look at us being all cute. Shortly after we took this a nurse came in with news about our harvest. I’m very happy and feeling very lucky to share that we got 10 eggs! Which is more than the 3-5 we were expecting after the scan on Friday! Now we wait, again. We wait until tomorrow for a phonecall to hear how many/if any of our eggs have been fertilised. Eep! Come on little eggies, you’ve done so well, keep on making us proud!

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