IVF#1 The Call.

Today is the day. The day we find out how many, if any, of my eggs were mature enough for ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and if they were how many, if any fertilised. Otherwise known as the fert report. All we were told was this call would come at some time before midday! So here is a diary of my waiting and eventually the news this call will bring!

6:00am – Husband’s alarm goes off, too early for me or indeed for clinic to be open, roll over back to sleep.

7:00am – Woken up by husband slamming front door as he leaves for work, check phone, no call yet. Not being insane this is the time some clinic staff and receptionists arrive. Settle back into bed for more sleep.

8:00am – Car door slamming woke me up again, check phone, still nothing. More staff will be at clinic as this is the time for their blood test clinics. Will try to sleep just to pass the time. Put phone on loud.

8:30am – Bladder decides it needs emptying. Come back from toilet, check phone, still nothing. Laze on bed, willing on sleep again.

8:35am – Realise sleep isn’t going to happen. Check phone. Curse my brain.

8:55am – Tired of looking at the ceiling, I have a drink water and give into the screams of social media coming from my iPhone.

9:30am – Spend chunk of time catching up on my Twitter lovelies and replying to all the messages of support from yesterday. Realising I have no pen or notepad in the bedroom I decide to give up on bed. Get dressed and head downstairs.

9:42am – Get a call whilst on the stairs from clinic. Run down last few stairs and into kitchen before answering the phone. Grab a pen and notepad whilst confirming my name and date of birth to Embryologist on the phone. Get the news that out of 10 eggs, 5 were mature enough to inject with sperm and 3 have fertilised! We will have one embryo transferred and this will be on Sunday at midday! Embryologist says goodbye and puts down the phone.

So this means we currently have 3 embryos and we’re having a 5day transfer! Woo! Our clinic does not give updates between the fert report and the transfer. This means we won’t know until Sunday how good a grade our embryos are or indeed if any make it to transfer day. I’m presuming that if they set the date for a 5day transfer that this means they are hopeful about the quality of embryo. Saying all of this I am not naive. I knew that not every egg collected would be mature enough to inject. I also knew that not every egg that would be injected would fertilise. I know that not every embryo will make it to transfer day. I’m just hoping that at least one makes it. I want to get to the transfer stage. Even if it doesn’t stick. I want us to be lucky enough to have got that far. To get to the Embryo Transfer milestone and show others that having Epilepsy and going through fertility treatment is ok. It can be done. You aren’t alone. So come on little embies please stay strong and keep on growing!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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