IVF#1 A Week On.

This time last week I had just come out of my last follicle scan. I remember feeling a bit deflated whilst trying to stay optimistic. From what the sonographer had told me we could expect between three and five eggs at our collection on Tuesday. I know everyone always says its quality not quantity and you only need one to make an embryo but I still felt disappointed! Of course looking back I wished I hadn’t of worried. A lot of follicles are hidden and don’t show up on the scans. We were lucky enough to prove this, we got ten eggs! That’s double what we were expecting. Five of those eggs were mature enough for ICSI and we ended up getting three embryos! What a difference a week can make! It just goes to show nothing in this journey is certain. Things can change so much in a day nevermind a week!

I remember having a really vivid dream a few days before my last follicle scan. In it I had a big Tonic Clonic seizure and was really worried about popping follicles and if it meant our cycle would be cancelled due to nothing being there. My dream husband (real husband just that he was in my dream) sang a song, directed at my follicles, to the tune of “Hush Little Baby”. It went as follows:

Grow little follies don’t you stop,

And please don’t you dare go pop.

We need lots of eggs to collect,

fertilise and grow perfect.

Then we can transfer them in,

where we hope new life will begin.

Grow little follies don’t you stop,

Please don’t make our dreams go pop!

This song stuck in my head and I found myself singing it everyday up until my scan, hoping my follicles would listen! It helped me stay positive and even after the scan I found myself singing it, willing my follicles to grow even more before our egg collection three days later. It changed my mood which is proven to help. A good mood makes for a more claiming more relaxed body. I know that it may seem silly but it definitely helped me be positive and whatever helps you get through you should do!

A week on and I’m two sleeps away from our embryo transfer! I am so happy we got this far. I think this is key to making it thorough this journey. I encourage everyone to mark each step of this journey, celebrate it as the milestone that it is. I will be blogging about this in more depth soon, so watch out for that! Everyday I have been talking to the universe, asking it to pass on messages to our three little embies. Willing them to keep on growing, to grow strong and at a good pace. To keep going so we can move one into it’s new home in me on Sunday. To keep going so we can be lucky enough to have two little embryos on ice. I’ve not got to wishing for a BFP, yet. I’m just focussed on our three littlies making it to transfer day! We have come this far and we are feeling so good and lucky right now. May the next two days pass quickly in a flurry of positivity and happiness! It’s what gets us through. Maybe my subconscious will come up with another song sung by my dream husband to help me. Stranger things have happened!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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