IVF#1 Wombcoming aka Transfer Day.

Yesterday was the day, our embryo transfer day! A homecoming for one of our little embies, a wombcoming if you will! It went so well I haven’t stopped smiling. In fact I’m annoyingly happy to the point that I can write the headlines of the day but buggered if I can give a very indepth report on the day!

We were asked to arrive at 11:45 ready for transfer at 12:00. We arrived 11:30. This was deliberate so my nerves would settle (hospitals are a stress trigger for my seizures) and also so I could chug a bottle of water in the canteen. With my bladder comfortably full we signed in 10mins later and were led straight to a little room, next to the room we had been in for our egg collection! We then spent an hour waiting in the room at which point my husband was getting more anxious and bored! Not a good combination I can tell you! After seeing two couples walk past our room we eventually got led into THE room. Complete with matching gowns, hats and plastic covers for our slippers.

This is where the blog will be lacking details. Unfortunately the screen that is linked to the embryology lab, so you can see your little embryo, was broken so we didn’t get to see our littley. This didn’t matter though we were both so emotional anyway. It then turned out that the same lady who had done 2/3 of my scans, who I had thought was a sonographer, was the clinic matron! It felt like we had hit the jackpot! Not only was our big moment being done by someone who I was comfortable with (again very important with the epilepsy) but she was also a clinic top dog! After getting settled into position, the embryologist came in and told us that the embryo we were having transferred had already started to hatch, meaning it was a day ahead of the others! She was very excited about this as apparently it’s a hurdle blastos have to overcome once they have been transferred, so we were looking good! We had once again been lucky to have made it over another milestone, we couldn’t believe it. Our embryologist also told us that at that point we had 1 embryo that was at day 5 stage which they would be freezing and another that would be checked the next day (as it was a day behind) if it would be ok to freeze. We won’t find out if either of the two embryos made it to be frozen until around 10days later and it will be via letter. After this news we got down to business. My husband held my hand and we both got emotional when the matron announced our littley was now going into its new home. All went smoothly with our transfer. In fact the matron said ours had been the smoothest transfer they had, had all day. 10/10 apparently, get us and our luck! We spent the rest of the day on cloud nine, happy, excited and feeling so blessed. Basking in the fact we have an embryo on board!

Which leads us to today. I’m currently sat on the duvet wearing the dressing gown I bought for our egg collection and the owl slipper socks I wore for our transfer. It feels good, there is a lot of positive juju in these items, sounds silly to some but it’s comforting to me.

The amazing owl socks.

We have nicknamed our littley, Shortcake. This is because after our egg collection I was obsessed with the biscuits we got given! Up until this point we had been referring to our 3 embryos as our little biscuits, so it seemed appropriate to carry the theme on! Out of all the biscuits in the world I hear you ask why a shortcake? Well it was the type of biscuit I had been given after egg collection! My husband had eaten a digestive and that seemed a bit weird, even for us! There is two camps when it comes to nick naming an embryo during your two week wait. Some say it’s nice as you have another way of referring to them asides embryo! Others say it’s dangerous as you’re humanising a group of cells which could make it harder! Obviously I like the idea of nicknames. I talk to Shortcake. I cheer them on. My husband has even kissed my belly and told Shortcake to get comfy! To us having a nickname is nice, in a way it doesn’t matter if Shortcake decides not to stick around. Even if it’s only for 12 days, I am pregnant and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it! This is the furtherest along and nearest we have ever gotten to a baby over the course of our trying to conceive journey. Every step is a milestone and I’m sure as hell going to bask in it! If it’s going to happen it will happen, it’s all beyond my control now. All I can do is relax and take out the stress from my life not just to reduce the risk of a seizure but also for our little Shortcake. Hope it’s comfy and sticky in my womb, bring on 23rd July aka test day!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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4 thoughts on “IVF#1 Wombcoming aka Transfer Day.

  1. Rebecca Hoy says:

    Good luck, hope your shortcake sticks. Ours does’t have a name, but hopefully it’s still there and doing well- test day is Wednesday. I’m hoping all the stuff I’m feeling/experiencing (aches, cramps, needing to wee, sore back, bloated stomach etc etc) is a good sign.

    • EverHopeful says:

      Thanks lovely! Oh good luck for Wednesday! The trouble with signs during TTC can be symptoms of either outcome! Loadsa love xx

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