IVF#1 Seven Days.

Today is day four of our twelve day, two week wait. Yeah, work that one out! In other words I am 4dp5dt! For those new to trying to conceive lingo (including me, I’m still learning) that means I am 4 days past our transfer of a 5 day old embryo. So if I could just loop back on myself and repeat that we are on day 4 of our 11 day wait. Just under halfway through!

Yesterday I had cramps on and off all day. I’ve also been really tired of an evening and have sore boobs. Apart from these I’ve felt completely normal, well as normal as can be for me! I’m trying not to think too much about these things. They could be due to the Cyclogest pessaries, they could be normal symptoms of an emotionally high time or they could due to our little Shortcake which again could be good or bad. The two week wait can be so hard. I found myself worried that I hadn’t had spotting, but I know if I had had spotting I would be worried. Everything can be a positive sign as well as negative sign. There is no normal or straight forward route. Which is what makes waiting so hard!

We have just seven days left before we find out if our little Shortcake has/is stuck/sticking around. Everyday I talk to them. Asking them to get themselves comfy, that I did everything I could and it’s now up to them to make us proud. After all our little Shortcake was already hatching when they were transferred back in! The embryologist said Shortcake was a day ahead of what they expect so we’re hoping this is a good sign. That Shortcake will be a big fighter, grower and make themselves comfy in my womb lining! 

Now for some good news I got today that took my mind of this limbo waiting for a bit! We got a letter from our clinic today. This letter was telling us that out of our two embryos left over from transfer, one had made it to be frozen. Which I am so happy about! We’ve nicknamed them Biscuit, because it just had to be done. My husband was a bit disappointed at “only having one” but I pointed out that on the day of transfer we were told that one embryo was day behind where it should be, so really this was the best result! It tickles me that we had one embryo (our little Shortcake) who was hatching and therefore a day ahead, one embryo who was exactly where they should be and one embryo who was a day behind. Talk about Goldilocks embryos!

In other good news we saw a house the other day that we completely fell in love with. We paid a holding fee yesterday, then submitted our tenancy forms and documentation. This morning we got confirmation the house is ours to rent! I am so happy. We now just have to get my mum to submit a Guarantor form and documentation (because I can’t work due to my Epilepsy) then it will be our house with a move in estimate of about two to three weeks! The universe is being so good to us right now and I so hope it continues!

 May these next seven days pass quickly and bring even more good news with them!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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