IVF#1 Almost There.

In the wise words of Tiana (from Disney’s Princess and The Frog) “I’m Almost There”. Tomorrow is the day, official test day aka OTD. I have no idea what it is going to bring. No strong feelings either way about what the result will be. I’m going in blind!

I spent the day with my Mum and Grandparents (who are visiting for the week) yesterday. I’ve been feeling so tired these last few days, even having naps during the day to help through. With this in mind I went to bed early the night before the planned day out and got up late. I felt fine if a little bloated. That was until an hour into our shopping trip when I got hit by a wave of exhaustion. I also got dizzy and had to have a sit down. My mum coerced my into having some thing to eat despite my protests that I wasn’t hungry. I thought I was better after this little pit stop but after visiting three more shops I felt the start of a seizure. I couldn’t talk or comprehend anything people were saying. After about 5 minutes of feeling like my mind and soul were escaping from my body, like a balloon floating away, I managed to think myself back in the room as my family calls it. This is my first seizure experience  during my two week wait. It doesn’t sound much but honestly the feeling of being separate from your body is not nice. The feeling that it could turn into something so much worse is terrifying!

I’m feeling better today though. Still just as tired despite having enough sleep, but mentally I’m better. I really underestimated the two week wait. I am not afraid to admit that this has been the hardest part of IVF. Particularly the last 6 days. It began to overwhelm me and the thought that Shortcake may not be around for much longer was too hard. In fact I felt like Shortcake was slipping away, that instead of becoming more attached I was becoming less so. I am so happy to be almost there! I just want to know now.


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2 thoughts on “IVF#1 Almost There.

    • EverHopeful says:

      Our 2ww has only been 12 days hun, which I thought was weird. Our Day 12 aka test day is tomorrow, Thursday 23rd July.
      Hope the rest of yours passes quickly & brings a lovely BFP with it too!

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