IVF Diet 2.0

I am a 6ft woman with PCOS and Epilepsy. These two things can make weightloss hard but here I am again starting the whole process again. IVF diet take two, IVF Diet 2.0 if you will! After my last post I felt a little down. The thought of being back on a diet after having a month off was daunting. I mean it’s not like it’s been a month of celebrations or lovely things, it’s been a month full of other stressful things! I’ll touch upon what our next step is in regards to our IVF and FET (frozen embryo transfer) in another blog. For now just know that I have 21 weeks to reach the goal of IVF Diet 2.0. So if you’re still reading this then prepare for my vital statistics.

In July 2014 (or last year if we’re being less formal) I was just starting IVF Diet 1.0. My start weight at this point was 19st 7lbs (273lbs). This meant my BMI was 38.1 and I was firmly in the obsese section of the BMI Chart. I was a UK dress size of 20-22 and wore UK size 24 if I wanted a little more room. I felt horrible but even then didn’t quite realise how big I had gotten. After a hard long year of dieting I made it to my target BMI of 29 just as my clinic had requested. This was back in May (2015). Fast forward to now, August (2015). We’ve been through our first cycle and I’ve gained back a lot of the weight. Although looking at the positive at least my start weight is lower this time! My current/new start weight is 17st 3lbs (241lbs) which means my BMI is back up to 33.6 and I am once again considered obese. I’m wearing UK size 18 clothes at the moment but they are starting to feel a bit tight.

My new goal weight is 14st 3lbs, which would make my BMI 27.8. This sits firmly in the higher end of the overweight section of a BMI chart. However, 14st 3lbs is lighter than I will have been in years so I’m ok with this! To be considered healthy BMI wise my weight should be between 9st 7lbs and 12st 12lbs. Which I can’t imagine ever being at. Not without some drastic help! I don’t know what this goal weight would mean dress size wise but I would love to be a UK size 14. For those who haven’t done or don’t want to do the maths, this new weight goal means I’m aiming for a 3st (42lbs) loss and I have 21 weeks in which to do this. This works out as a weekly target loss of 2lbs. A very attainable and healthy goal I think. I really feel I can achieve this. I know I’m going to have slow weeks and days where it all seems too hard but in the end it will be worth it. Technically I only need to lose 1st 10lbs to be considered ok and not at risk for losing my NHS funding but I decided I wanted to lose the other 1st 4lbs for me.

Now for the finer details about what IVF Diet 2.0 entails. I have started following the SlimFast 321 plan again. Three snacks under 100 calories, two shakes (or meal bars) and one meal under 600 calories. I usually forgo two of the snacks as this means I can have an evening meal that is up to 800 calories. Much easier and less limiting I found but that’s just me! I will also be back to doing 50mins of WiiFit everyday. This is 30mins of step ups and 20mins of hula hooping! Believe me it gets you nice and sweaty! I am also allowing myself one treat night a week. This will not be used to go crazy and eat everything bad all day. Treat day is more for glass of wine on a Friday or going out for celebrations, of which we have many in the next few months!

My weekly weigh in will be on Fridays but I’m not sure as of yet if I will be updating this blog with my progress. I’ll definitely be sharing it on Twitter, so if you’re interested come give me a follow! I do know that I’m feeling pretty good about IVF Diet 2.0 and I can’t wait for my pounds to move from my “to lose” jar to my “lost” jar!

IVF Diet 2.0 progress jars!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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6 thoughts on “IVF Diet 2.0

  1. loveh3 says:

    Have you ever tried dance fitness or zumba? So i am not a fan of dancing at all because i am clumsy and look pretty ridiculous but I have found that I really enjoy a dvd set by dance fitness with jessica, she also has tons of videos on line to try.

    • EverHopeful says:

      I have done Zumba in the past, I found it a bit too intense though was tired for days and was bit worried would affect my Epilepsy. The WiiFit has really helped me in the past and I know it will be just as good this time. Thanks for the advice Hun x

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