IVF#1 Follow Up.

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for since our official test day (OTD), our follow up appointment with a consultant. We got our BFN 1 month and 5 days ago. I had just begun to feel “normal” and like I was getting back into our usual routine in our new home when bam, two appointments at the IVF clinic in one week. Counselling and follow up. Two big reminders of what we have been through. The joys of being a couple trying to conceive when you have fertility issues!

After waking up, me feeling jittery and himself in a bad mood we ordered a taxi which arrived pretty quickly. I wasn’t impressed when upon getting in and finding out we wanted to go to the Women’s Hospital (where are clinic is) the taxi driver asked if we were going for a baby scan. My voice seemed to disappear as I sat there thinking, I fucking wish, what a question, shit do I look pregnant? Luckily E came to the rescue and said no we were actually going for an IVF consultation appointment. The rest of the journey seemed to go quite fast as I picked my nails and stared at the passing Liverpool scenery. Upon arrival at the clinic we were called in very quickly, which makes a nice change!

This was the first time we had met the consultant whose care we are under, a Mr D who seemed quite concise but not too distant. Once we were in the room no sooner had our bums touched the seats than Mr D launched into our review. Things were just as I suspected, if we were to do a fresh cycle they would start my stimms on a higher dose than last time as halfway through the last cycle they had to up my dosage due to low response. The number of eggs they collected (10) is quite average but if we have to do a fresh cycle they would like to increase this to give more chance of more embryos. Saying this I have good quality eggs and Mr D was quite pleased with how our first cycle had progressed, he said it was just a matter of bad luck this embryo hadn’t stuck. We were also told that we were above the 25% average in that 3/5 of the fertilised eggs made it to blastocyst stage. Not only this but we had a hatching blasto transferred and one blasto made it to freeze, Mr D wanted us to be very aware that this was brilliant. We have to use our one frostie before we can move onto a fresh cycle but as Mr D said he hopes this isn’t the case. As in doing a fresh cycle isn’t the case, not the frostie. I would think that was obvious, if it wasn’t for my wittering.

So moving forward the ball is in our court, although it will be a medicated frozen embryo transfer whenever we do choose to go ahead. The earliest we could be doing the FET is October/November ie the medication would start in October but we wouldn’t transfer until November. Mr D did say we had to bear in mind the fact that they shut down for Christmas and don’t open again until 6th January 2016. We voiced that we wanted to wait until January anyway which Mr D seemed to agree with. So mid January the drugs will start again and transfer would be February. I was informed that as we would be doing a medicated FET it would be very different from our short protocol cycle. I would experience the joys of down regulating this time. Which will be interesting to say the least. After confirming we had asked everything we wanted to, we got given a form and told to ring the centre on day 1 of my period in January to get the ball rolling.

Overall I’m feeling pretty happy with how things went. Nothing is wrong with me (aside the epilepsy, anxiety disorder & PCOS that is!) and it was just pure bad luck that shortcake didn’t stick. I feel relieved and positive. Bring on January for drug times and February for our little frostie’s homecoming!

Blog/Tweet soon x

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