Age is just a number, or so the saying goes. Age is a huge talking point with IVF. The NHS funding has an upper age limit for IVF of 40 years old for the female partner. The media talks about how “women are putting off” having children hence a rise in IVF numbers. Infertility affects people of all ages. A woman with fertility issues at 23 years old will have the same issues at 33years old. Yet this isn’t talked about. Younger women ie those in their mid twenties, going through fertility treatment are often looked down on or dismissed. I myself have been told by people within the trying to conceive community that I am “just a young’un” and that I have “plenty of time”.

How is this true? I have PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome) and my husband has low motility sperm, although I’m always reminded to add he has an above average sperm quantity to make up for it! We were told our best chance at having a baby would be through fertility treatment. Our fertility issues won’t go away with age, in fact they will worsen. Our best chance at having the baby (babies if I’m being honest) that we have dreamed of, is right now, when the success rates are at their highest. I’m not trying to make others feel bad or brag that because of my age our chance of success is slightly higher, I simply want to offer a different point of view. I may be “only” 24 years old (25 next month) and my husband may be “only” 27 years old but that doesn’t mean we have plenty of time. Our issues aren’t going away as I mentioned above, so why wouldn’t we want to get started straight away? Wouldn’t you? I have met many women who have said they wished they had started trying or had fertility tests sooner.

We have one failed cycle under our belt. We are not like other couples in their mid-twenties. We don’t have the luxury of time. Not just in terms of fertility but also because of my Epilepsy. Both of these will get worse with age. I have blogged about this before so I’m sorry to regular readers who may feel I am repeating myself. The aim of this post is to get you thinking. No ones fertility issues are any less important than another’s. We battle enough without having to battle eachother. I may be 24 years old but I’m still going through the same thing as someone who is 34 years old. The second to the eight of November is Natiobal Fertility Awareness Week here in the uk, lets band together now and go forward united. We can make a difference together. We are all going through trying to conceive trials, IVF turmoils and two week wait horrors. We as a community are a minority. Why would you want to separate yourself from another 1 in 6? Surely us ones should stick together. Age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, what does any of it matter? We need to support one another.

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