Epilepsy Action Sefton Coast Walk.

Yesterday my husband, niece, our shihtzu Spike and I took part in the Epilepsy Action Sefton Coast Walk. This was a 4.5 mile walk to raise money for the charity Epilepsy Action. We paid the entrance fee for a family ticket which was £20 and not only did it cover a train ticket back to the start, we also got a bottle of water and a snack. I believe some of the money that was leftover from the event costs also went to Epilepsy Action which is amazing. Originally it was just going to be my husband and I doing the walk, but due to last minute babysitting duties our niece P came along too! P was really excited as she was meant to take part in this walk last year but couldn’t due to a chest infection.

 The top three pictures are us dressed up in our charity tshirts (bought separately as it’s always handy to have one with the amount of fundraising we try to do!) The bottom photo is us 2.5 miles in with 2 miles to go! Forgive the grumpy face from the husband he isn’t quite as smiley as the niece and I on photos!

All in all we had a fab day. The weather was dry and wasn’t too cold, surprisingly as we were walking along the beach front! We took a break at 2miles as our little shihtzu needed a drink, the husband and niece also needed a snack and a puff on their asthma inhalers. The rest of the walk went smoothly. In fact, as we approached the last mile the husband put a motivational song, in the form of “Eye of the Tiger” on his phone to which we ran along punching the air and giggling hysterically!

We had set up a justgiving fundraising page to raise sponsorship and extra funds for the charity that has helped me so much over the years. Our page is still open for a few more days too so if you still want to donate here is the LINK. Our friends and family have been so generous and I’m very happy to share that we raised (so far) and amazing £235. I think the total fundraising given by Epilepsy Action for this event so far is £3600! Which is outstanding! Well done to everyone who took part this total is amazing and will help so many people!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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