FET#1 Train:Waiting.

It seems the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) train is pulling into the station. Toot toot! Today the clinic rang me at 8:30, I was still asleep so the nurse got a very slurred “hello” mid yawn. Of course this made the nurse laugh and apologised for waking me up. I replied in typical British fashion ie apologising over and over. Once that was over we moved onto the real reason for the call, my medicated frozen embryo transfer cycle!

Moving onto the details. I will be having a phone drugs consultant on Monday 4th November ie two weeks today! I’m quite happy about this as money is a bit tight and I was worried about finding the £20 for a taxi for the journey to and from the clinic. This phone consult will be about the medication I will be taking (what and when) and when to come in for scans. I am being sent an invoice to arrange delivery of the drugs which I need to do ASAP when the invoice letter arrives. And that was the end of the call. The only other thing the nurse said is that I will start the medications a couple of days after my phone consultation. My mind went blank when I was asked if I had any questions as per usual. When I fully woke up 30 minutes later and looked at the scribbled notes I had written whilst half a sleep on this very important phone call, I realised I hadn’t asked the questions that had been consuming me. What is the timeline  of this treament? How long will it take? When can I expect the actual transfer to happen?

So I asked Dr Google (I know I do not recommended this, Dr Google is usually very evil) and I got this answer:

Medicated FET timeline courtesy of Dr Google.

If I follow this chart Cycle Day 21 and first day of medications will be Friday 6th November. This fits in with the nurse saying I would be starting the meds a couple of days after my phone consultation on Wednesday 4th November! Yeah! Of course I’ve run away with myself and worked out that all being well, transfer of our frostie embaby will be 6th December meaning OTD (official test day) will be around 19th December. Eep! This could either be a very dreamy Christmas or a very boozey one!

 I always referred to this FET as being in October but really it’s firmly starting in November! We have to use barrier method contraception from now so technically we have started but it doesn’t feel quite like we’re on the train yet. More like we’ve bought our tickets and are now waiting for the train to arrive. Still at least I have our tickets! It’s one step closer than last week, just another two weeks to go! May they pass quickly and my craziness from down regulating medications not be too crazy!

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4 thoughts on “FET#1 Train:Waiting.

  1. L and D says:

    I’m doing an FET too, if it’s any help I started my medicated cycle on 5th Oct, with estrogen starting that day, today (23rd)I started my progesterone and my FET is scheduled for Tuesday next week (27th) our baby lady (as she is known) said that because we would do a medicated rather than natural cycle that they could choose when FET would be, she asked me if any particular day was better than another! So I guess there is a bit of flexibility as to when you do stuff. Plus she then said she was going on holiday to Australia to go scuba diving so maybe mine is a bit longer than usual to accommodate that!! Good luck on your cycle! It’s great to get started ay.. Not so sure about this 2 week wait business though…!

    • EverHopeful says:

      Thanks lovely, that is helpful. The two week wait is horrendous isn’t it? Messes with your mind so much, Every little symptom can be a good or bad sign that we are so aware of. I hope you get your BFP with this cycle Hun. 🙏🍀✨🐣💛 xx

  2. L and D says:

    I just wrote a reply the it deleted, boo.. If it’s any help I am also doing a medicated FET cycle, started my estrogen on 5th oct, started progesterone today (23rd) and FET scheduled for 27th Oct.. Though our baby lady (as she is known) said that if we chose to do a medicated rather than natural cycle then we could essentially choose when FET was, plus she said she was going on holiday to Australia to go scuba diving so my cycle may be longer to accommodate that as it does seem quite long! Good luck!

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