FET#1 Journal.

I’ve decided that with this FET cycle I am going to blog with each step, more than I did with IVF #1. Mainly to help me through but also because this is my first frozen embryo cycle. I’m going in blind. If I blog about it then hopefully the next person doing their first FET can find this journey of my experiences and find comfort in it. Make things a little clearer about what to expect, timeline etc.

Today I received the invoice for my FET medications. The letter said I needed to ring the clinic to pay the prescription charges before it could be released to Pharmasure. For those who don’t know, Pharmasure is the company my clinic use to deliver IVF medication, needles, syringes etc. I rang my clinic as soon as I had stopped running around excitedly! As I have a NHS medical exemption certificate (due to my Epilepsy) this means I do not need to pay for any prescriptions, saving myself £33 for this cycle’s medications. For my readers in America this £33 is not the full cost of the medication! I have to show my medical exemption card every time we start a new treatment cycle despite the clinic having a photocopy on file. This is to make sure my card is still in date, which I have no problem with. Anyway, after confirming this with my clinic I was told that my prescription would now be released to Pharmasure. Based on my experiences with IVF #1, I should be hearing on Monday or Tuesday. Upon that call, the delivery of my medications will be arranged for that same week. All ready for my drugs consultation the following week!

Last week I blogged about how we were waiting for the FET train to arrive, now it finally feels like it is on it’s way! The tickets that we ordered last week are due to arrive by post next week, ready for our boarding the week after that. Two weeks today I should be starting the injections. I hope this is the start of a whole new chapter for us. I’ll do as many injections as I’m allowed/funded for if it means having a baby with my husband. For now I’ll take a month of down regulation ie fake menopause, to welcome our frostie baby home. Bring on the drugs delivery and our consultation!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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