FET#1 Post.

(For the last couple of posts I’ve used an extended metaphor about this FET and trains, I promise that stops with this post. And not just because I’ve run out of analogies and witty things. Although some will argue I never had any. Either way breathe a sigh of relief it’s over, the metaphor has reached it’s destination. Damn it.)

Today I got some exciting post in regards to our FET cycle. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything as we had our prescription invoice arrive as I blogged about here, so was a bit confused when I saw a letter for me through the letterbox. (I don’t often get post, hence the confusion!) Anyway I opened the letter, this is riveting detail, and discovered some forms from our clinic. One was a 3 page thing which details what I will be doing and when, well sort of.

First page of FET treatment plan form

Second page of FET treatment plan form

Third page, standard form to sign after every injection to confirm treatment.

As you can see I have a vague idea of my treatment plan but not entirely due to dates etc. I feel a bit more confused about timings and what I will be doing after reading this. As far as I can work out it looks likely I will start Buserelin (Lupron is sometimes used instead) on CD21 which is 6th November. I then start Progynova (ie Estrogen) after my next period and baseline scan. I’m not sure if that means I will be on Buserelin for a bit longer as my periods are not 28 days apart. More every 33-35 days if I’m having a good month, 35-50 if I’m not! I had worked out that my transfer should be around 5th December, now I’m not so sure. Any later and my two week wait will be over Christmas, which is less than ideal. Not just emotionally but also because of clinic shutdown! Upside of having these forms is that I have a little bit more insight into our treatment plan and it is sinking in a little more we are doing this. All I can hope is that this next 11 days pass quickly with a delivery of drugs and a good drugs consult that makes this all clearer!

The other form that arrived was a permission form to confirm husband and I are still in a relationship and we both agree to using the frozen embryo for this cycle.

FET permission/declaration form.

This is pretty standard to make sure both patients are happy to go forward. Otherwise the clinic could be sued as one patient did not want this to go ahead. Covering their legal bottoms with this form.

So there we have it, my exciting post. Probably a little boring to be honest but it’s yet another step in the journey so woo! I’ve been extremely lucky to have had a good amount of seizure free time lately. Touch wood this continues, although my Epilepsy being controlled is a very new and alien concept to me! I’m still having daily absence seizures but I’ll take them over a tonic clonic seizure any day! I hope this is a start of an amazing bit of my life. Come on 2016 baby & stay away seizures!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum X


2 thoughts on “FET#1 Post.

  1. L and D says:

    I’m on Progynova too and then progesterone pesseries (and that’s it) and by taking those 2 drugs it is over riding my body’s cycle so I don’t have to wait for my body to do anything naturally. I started the Progynova on day 1 of my cycle though and didn’t have to do any drugs before that cycle, so I just had to wait for my day 1. If that makes sense! My cycles are all different lengths but it doesn’t matter once you are on the drugs from what I can understand 😊

    • EverHopeful says:

      Oh sounds like your FET is slightly different to me then hun but then again it’s always the way never seem to find any two women cycling at the same time doing exactly the same thing!
      Oh thanks for the info about period, I just mentioned it as the big form asks for date of next period & seems to suggest I won’t start the Progynova tablets until I’ve had period and a baseline? Weird!

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