FET#1 Drugs Delivery.

On Monday I got the call from Pharmasure. Pharmasure is the company responsible for delivering the IVF drugs on the behalf of my clinic. The lady on the phone was lovely and we arranged my FET drugs to be delivered on Thursday. That is today. Today my drugs for our frozen embryo transfer cycle arrived!

As I wrote in my blog when my IVF#1 drugs arrived, taking a picture of your fertility treatment medications when they arrive is a rite of passage. It signifies the start of so much more than just IVF. It marks that moment when your dreams are on their way to becoming a reality. That hope fully ignites within you. The pile of syringes, needles and boxes of different drugs can be daunting but they hold so much promise. It’s natural to want to take a picture of this moment. To make this important milestone. So here is mine, my FET#1 milestone picture.

The medications as they arrived.

All of my lovley FET drugs.

Although I don’t know the plan for all the drugs or indeed what each one is for, I will list what I received:

  • Sharps box, drawing needles, injecting needles and syringes
  • SUPRECUR aka Buserelin Acetate
  • PROGYNOVA aka Estradiol Valerate
  • CYCLOGEST (these pessaries are the only things I am familiar with)

I did not cry when I opened the delivery box this time. Instead I just felt excitement. I emailed my husband these pictures and he replied almost straight away. Aside the excited statements one thing stuck out “oh look a new style of sharps box, nice.” This perfectly sums up how much we are on the same page. We are full on IVF crazy together. The sight of needles and a new style sharps box is enough to get us giddy.

After my drugs appointment via phone next week I will know exactly what each drug is for and when to take each one. Hopefully they will know if I can expect an interaction with my epilepsy medication Keppra too. Until then these fertility treatment drugs are staying on my kitchen counter, a reminder that I’m that little bit closer than before.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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