IVF Project: Help Wanted.

In early October I was approached by a journalism university student in her final year about to do her final year project. This project was to be based around IVF and the emotional impact it has on those doing it. I was asked if I would be willing to take part in this project, I jumped at the opportunity. This blog is about that ongoing project and the hope that it may inspire other readers to take part. Especially during this week, UK National Fertility Awareness Week!

As I mentioned in the intro for this blog, this project is run by a final year journalism, a girl called Megan Coutts. The project is being focused around the emotional effects of IVF, this project is called Infertile Aware and the Twitter account connected to it can be found HERE. As many of you readers will know every IVF journey is so different. No matter if two people are doing the same protocol they will have completely different responses to the medications and different experiences. This is why I’m reaching out to ask you to consider taking part in this project. You can be as anonymous as you want. All that’s involved is answering a few questions via email and maybe a face to face interview later on. Eventually all of these experiences and interviews will form a 1500 word spread that will go onto the unversity site. The ultimate goal Megan has for this project after it has appeared on the university site, is to pitch it to a woman’s magazine that she has connections to.

This the exact quote from the project Twitter description “Ultimately this project aims to encourage and inspire women who struggle day to day with the mental burden of infertility.” To me this is what National Fertility Awareness Week is about, raising awareness and inspiring others to come forward. To show the world what we battle and how strong we are! If you are interested in taking part in this project you can reach out to Megan via the project Twitter account (as linked to above). Everyone is welcome to take part, you can help your community by sharing your journey anonymously or not. Even if you don’t wish to share your experiences with this project please do follow the Twitter account.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


2 thoughts on “IVF Project: Help Wanted.

  1. Karen says:

    I came across your blog via the nfaw website. Like Megan I am a researcher who is studying infertility, particularly online support. Although I have all my data now I am contacting people who work in or have experienced fertility problems to get their feedback on my findings. If you would be interested please do get in touch x

    • EverHopeful says:

      Hi Karen, this sounds very interesting I would be more than happy to give feedback. I don’t want to give my email address out on here so maybe you could contact me via Twitter? Or simply give me your details. Thanks

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