FET #1 Buserelin Day 3.

It is my third day of my FET Buserelin injections. It is also my birthday and THIS is how my lovely husband marked the occasion this morning. If you can’t watch the video, it’s basically my husband slowly singing happy birthday to me whilst preparing my morning Buserelin injection! To those not in the IVF bubble it could come across as a bit creepy seeing as though he is singing slowly, in a half lit room whilst flicking a needle for air bubbles! Ah the fun we have!

As I mentioned today marks the third day of my buserelin injections. I’m surprised because ever since yesterday (aka Buserelin day 2) I’ve been experiencing some sideeffects, which is pretty quick if you ask me. Anyway I’ve been dealing with a permanently dry mouth no matter how much I drink. My mouth feels so stale and I feel like my breath absolutely stinks. Thankfully my nurse warned me about this happening so I’ve been drinking lots of water form the offset, so I know I’m not dehydrated! I’m even drinking “Smart Water” that has extra electrolytes in it which supposedly helps keep your body hydrated. I was also warned about night sweats and migraines but I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to skip those. It is early days yet but one can always hope!

I’m feeling pretty good. No that’s a lie, I’m feeling really good. I’ve got a steady flow of positivity around me and my mind seems to be defaulting to thinking positively. It sounds corny but I really think the Instagram Gratitude 30 project is really helping with this. I’m seeing the beauty in my life. I also recently watched “The Secret” which is the film based on the book. A lot of people have been mentioning the book/theory to me lately so I decided to take the plunge. It was really interesting. I’m not sure if I subscribe to it, but it’s certainly helping me as I’m seeing things that I’m grateful for in my life that previously I had taken for granted. As a result I am also believing that little bit more that we will have our baby. I’ve reached a turning point. I can now look at baby clothes in shops and instead of getting a pang of sadness, I smile and say to my husband we’re going to buy that for our baby. In fact my husband has started saying the same when he sees things he thinks are cute. We have even nicknamed our little frostie. Their name is Boba, as in Boba Fett from Star Wars. You can tell we’re both nerds right? I send little happy thoughts to Boba, telling them to keep holding on and that I can’t wait to have them back with me.

There is just sixteen more days until my baseline scan. Between now and then we have a few exciting plans which will serve as nice distractions. I’m pretty sure I can survive just over two weeks. Especially with my amazing inspiring Twitter ladies to help me! At the baseline scan I will get a date to start my Progynova tablets alongside my Buserelin injections. It’s all very exciting.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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