FET#1 Buserelin Crazy.

This morning I did (or more accurately I had given to me) my tenth Buserelin injection. I am fully feeling the sideffects right now. During IVF #1 I was lucky in that the only real sideffect I got with my stimms was bloating. It was uncomfortable but to be expected seeing as you are making your ovaries grow far more follicles at once then they normally would! This FET is the first time I have down regulated (ie taken Buserelin injections) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. At my drugs appointment the nurse did warn me about night sweats, headaches and to make sure I drank plenty of water. This it appears was just the tip of the iceberg. I mentioned in my Buserelin Day 3 blog that I was already feeling the constant dry mouth feeling. I’ve still got this, despite drinking so much water my toilet visits have been compared to Niagara Falls (thanks mum). On top of this I can now count upset stomach, headaches so bad I feel nauseous with pain and sleep disturbances. When I say sleep distribances what I mean is my brain won’t let me sleep and when it’s so gracious to do so I wake up every hour. That’s not even an exaggeration. This is the worst possible sideffect I could suffer from. Lack of sleep is one of my seizure triggers and so I have to be extra sure to take my Epilepsy medication at the right time. I also have to make sure I’m taking things easy and take as many naps as I need during the day, not the evening though as this will make things worse for night sleeping! I typically need more sleep than a “regular” individual, so the fact I’m getting less than a regular individual is less than ideal. Just recently I celebrated (rather quietly) five tonic clonic seizure free months. Hopefully I can make it to six even with these nasty Buserelin sideeffects!  I can safely say I am full throws of Buserelin fake menopause and to top it off my period is due tomorrow. Say a prayer for my husband, fake menopause and PMS, not something I would wish upon anyone.

Now I know you all think I’m incredibly lucky to be experiencing all these but I must add to your jealous by declaring that I am going full on IVF crazy again. This morning at 4am, after a toilet visit and a huge gulp of water, I got back into my bed where I was met with my darling husband snoring at decimals I didn’t even know human voices could reach. In my tired state I began to sing “ten in the bed” only my rendition was a little different and involved rolling my husband onto his side

“There were 2 in the bed and the wifey one said, roll over, roll over. So she rolled him over and kicked him in the butt for being a snoring sleeping asshole”

I must say I think the hormones and lack of sleep are very good for my creativity. In particular re-writing nursery rhymes. Which is good practise for our children I guess. In exactly a month today I’ll be having our Boba transferred. All being well and going to plan obviously! However following my recent enlightenment of thinking more positively I’m not even considering the possibility that we won’t have a transfer on 17th December. Ask, believe, receive etc. In fact I’m keeping upbeat about it even more as a friend at my clinic is doing a FET right now too. We are proper cycle buddies, with scans etc only a day apart. We could both be having our Frosties transferred at the same time which would be amazing. Just another nine days until our baseline scan, bring it on!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum


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