FET #1 Baseline Scan.

I was late to my baseline scan appointment this morning. At 9:20am I was stuck in a taxi in gridlock traffic 15minutes away (without traffic) from my clinic but with only 10minutes in which to get there. I had no choice but to ring the clinic. I’ll say this my clinic were far less frazzled than I was. I was told there was no problem and they would just make a note on my file to say I would be there as and when. This wasn’t the start of my day I had envisioned, although even with this stress (I hate being late, it can make my anxiety flair up really bad if I am) I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that our scan would go well. How right I was. Yes, you read that correctly, I was right!

Fast forward to being in the scan room. I hid behind the curtain and derobed my bottom half. I displayed my knickers proudly on the top of my clothes, today was not a day for hiding them. After all the lady was going to see my goods why not let her see my packaging too? After assuming the position we got down to business. This was the first scan my husband has been to so he was morbidly curious. Upon seeing my womb he declared it was very nice but didn’t look like he had expected it to. I think he forgot ultrasound pictures aren’t quite the same as a camera picture! The sonographer had a bit of wiggle around (still a strange sensation) and proudly told me my womb lining was measuring at 3.2mm (they need it to be under 4mm) which meant we could proceed with treatment! Yay! She then wiggled the sonic wand around again and I quote “whilst we’re here, may as well check your ovaries see that nothing nasty is going on”. I took it upon myself to mention at this point that I had, had a pain in my left ovary a couple of nights ago. With a wiggle of the sonic wand I was told that everything was fine, there were no cyst there and that one may have just popped by itself. I took a little moment to process this information. There were no cysts on my ovaries. Does this mean my diagnosis of PCOS is wrong? Or just that it was never as bad as I was led to believe? We never think to ask these things at the time do we? Either way I’m free of cysts, OHSS and my body is doing exactly as it should. I’d say that’s a very good result.

We then went from the scan room back to the waiting room to wait (duh) to be seen by a nurse to explain the next stage of treatment. We got seen fairly quickly and were basically told what I’d been told at the drugs appointment. The only new bit of information was that we would not get a start date for the Progynova tablets until later that day. This was because an embryologist needs to go over our file, check the day of our embryo (transfer depends on what day your embryo was frozen) and then count back the days to work out when you should start the next lot of drugs. I didn’t have to wait long. We left the hospital at 11am & I got the call at 12.25pm! At this point I was on a train about to get off and quite honestly looked a mad woman as I yelled “Ian it’s the clinic quick grab the pen” across the carriage. The joys of IVF crazy, you just don’t care! After confirming my details whilst standing on a windy train station the lovely embryologist said that I could start my Progynova tablets today, one three times a day. Apparently you can take them all at once but they recommend spacing them out as they can cause nausea, er no thanks! I also got told that I would have another scan on day 12 of Progynova to check the womb lining is thickening as it should be. This is pencilled in for Monday 7th December at 2:30pm. It sounds ages away but in reality that is just over a week away, so not long at all. The bit that got me really excited was that the embryologist said they will ring us on the morning of Wednesday 16th December to confirm the go ahead of thawing Boba and then again to tell us how our little Boba has defrosted. All being well we will have our transfer that afternoon! We will be having our transfer in just under three weeks now, eep!

I’m incredibly excited. I’m still feeling overwhelming blessed and positive about this cycle. It’s a great feeling. Hang tight little Boba we’re coming for you.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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