Gratitude 30: Day 26

Day 26: Family.

Family is so important to me, but alas you cannot choose your family. There are some family members on my husband’s side that I/we just don’t get on with, they don’t have our backs and that’s ultimately been their loss. Enough about them though. These are the people that matter, the fmaily I love most in the world, in no particular order here are my family: my husband & our furbaby spike, my Grandmum & Grandad, my brother & his girlfriend, my mum & papa, my 9yo & 12yo nieces and last but by no means least my mother-in-law & our now 9mo niece. These are people who can make me smile at my lowest. Be it a cuddle or good bit of sibling teasing! I’m grateful to have a select few members of my family who I know I can go to, who I know are routing for and love me no matter what. 

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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