FET #1: Day 5 of Waiting.

It is day five of my eleven day two week wait. It is also day six of having a nasty chesty cough cold thing. I think being sick has been a good and bad distraction. On one hand it means I’ve been occupied thinking of the cold and trying to get better. On the other hand Continue reading


FET #1: Boba’s wombcoming.

It’s 9:30am on Wednesday 16th December and I can hear my phone ringing in the bedroom from where I am in the bathroom. So I do what every logical thinking woman would do, I neglect to flush the toilet and run towards the bedroom yelling at my phone to not stop ringing. I open the bedroom door so violently I scare my husband, leap over the bed and pick up my phone. Continue reading

FET#1: Not saying it’s fate..

It’s nearly here. After 38 days of pumping my body full of drugs by way of injections, tablets and pessaries it is Transfer Day Eve! We will get a call tomorrow morning to confirm we give permission for our frostie to be taken out of freezer storage. Then we will get a call later on to give an update on how well Boba thawed and to give us a time to one in for our transfer. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I have my positivity about this cycle back. I’m fully aware that in the second bit of our (11day) two week wait my positivity will dip, but Continue reading

FET #1: Lining Scan.

Yesterday I had a scan to check the thickness of my womb lining, I know I get all the fun! At this point it was my 30th day of Buserelin injections and my 12th day of taking the Progynova tablets (of which there are three a day). The sideffects of both are really catching up with me now. Whilst the headaches and dehydration have settled down, the sleep disturbances and nausea are still kicking my butt. Ever since my prolonged absence seizure, I’ve been in a funk. The huge amount of positivity I had for this FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle just vanished when that seizure came along. For just over a week now I have been feeling so low and could not seem to pull myself out of the well of negativity. That was until yesterday, when I got handed a ladder in the form of my womb lining! Continue reading