FET #1: Lining Scan.

Yesterday I had a scan to check the thickness of my womb lining, I know I get all the fun! At this point it was my 30th day of Buserelin injections and my 12th day of taking the Progynova tablets (of which there are three a day). The sideffects of both are really catching up with me now. Whilst the headaches and dehydration have settled down, the sleep disturbances and nausea are still kicking my butt. Ever since my prolonged absence seizure, I’ve been in a funk. The huge amount of positivity I had for this FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle just vanished when that seizure came along. For just over a week now I have been feeling so low and could not seem to pull myself out of the well of negativity. That was until yesterday, when I got handed a ladder in the form of my womb lining!

I waited thirty minutes before I was invited in to assume the position as it were. The ultrasound technician told me that at this point they need the womb lining to be at least 6mm thick to proceed with transfer the following week. After taking the scenic route, saying hi to my bladder and cervix as we pushed through, we got to my womb. After waiting with bated breath my lining measurement came in. My lining is currently measuring in at 8.5mm! After getting dressed once more the technician went through my notes with me. Apparently in terms of womb lining thickness, 8-13mm is optimum for transfer. I don’t want to scare some but I’m a firm believer in the more you know, so here is more lining info. Lining measuring less than 6mm thick is potentially a problem, and lining measuring greater than 15mm possibly reduces the chances for successful pregnancy. As with everything in relation to IVF there doesn’t seem to be much wriggle room! That was almost a pun, look at me. For once I am feeling very proud of my womb!

So with that great news my transfer is booked in for a week tomorrow i.e. Wednesday 16th December! On the morning of the 16th Boba will be taken out the freezer and closely monitored whilst they thaw, we will then get a call telling us what time transfer will be that same day. I am to start my Progesterone pessaries this Thursday i.e. 10th December. Funny little side note for you, the nurse seemingly took get pleasure in writing “RECTALLY” next to every mention of Cyclogest pessaries on my medication chart. Surely one RECTALLY would have been enough?! Moving swiftly on, I will do my last Buserelin injection this Saturday i.e. 12th December. I am feeling good about this cycle again. Nothing like being told you have optimum womb lining thickness (with still a week for it to grow a bit more) to lift a woman’s spirits!

I can’t believe that this cycle is nearly complete, just last week everything felt so far away. Now I’m just over a week away from having Boba placed into my womb! I’m hoping this transfer the screens in the room will be working and we can get a photo of our little embaby. I really think this helps with visualisation during the two week wait. Bring on next week and may this current one pass quickly!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


4 thoughts on “FET #1: Lining Scan.

  1. countyourselfunlucky says:

    I am so sorry to hear you had a seizure after such a long absence – I must have missed it if you tweeted about this, so I’m sorry if I appeared uncaring by not sending you a message to wish you well. I hope it was a one off and you will be seizure free for the foreseeable future.
    Great news on your lining – yay for you – I think buserelin is evil and the cyclogest are minging too because of where you have to put them – although post transfer you can do them vaginally, so there’s something to look forward to! ha ha (although it has to be said that cyclogest is better than crinone). Anyway well done you for doing so well & getting this far 🙂

    • HopeEpiMum says:

      Oh it’s ok lovely I’ve been in funk so been avoiding talking about me! Thank you so much for taking time to comment on here, I appreciate it.
      I’m ready for my 2016 baby now 😀 xx

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