FET#1: Not saying it’s fate..

It’s nearly here. After 38 days of pumping my body full of drugs by way of injections, tablets and pessaries it is Transfer Day Eve! We will get a call tomorrow morning to confirm we give permission for our frostie to be taken out of freezer storage. Then we will get a call later on to give an update on how well Boba thawed and to give us a time to one in for our transfer. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I have my positivity about this cycle back. I’m fully aware that in the second bit of our (11day) two week wait my positivity will dip, but I’m also bearing in mind that this time is when Christmas is and I love Christmas so this is the perfect distraction for me.

Now moving onto the reason for the title of this post. I know many readers already know this but I’m going to retell this next bit anyway. My husband and I are Star Wars fans. In fact for our first ever date we went to see the 3D re-release of Star Wars:The Phantom Menace. A frozen embryo cycle is often abbreviated to FET. In the original Star Wars films there is a bounty hunter character called Boba Fett. We thought this was a funny and appropriate nickname considering we are Star Wars fans and are doing a FET cycle with our one frostie. As I may (definitely) have mentioned our transfer is tomorrow, Wednesday 16th December. This is also the day that the new Star Wars film is getting it’s midnight release. We are having our Boba transferred on the day that all Star Wars fans have been looking forward to for the past year! When we nicknamed Boba, we had no idea our transfer would be on this day. Now I’m not saying it’s fate but that’s a pretty big sign in my nerdy world that this was meant to be!

I’ve bought my husband a present to mark this occasion. I’m going to give it to him tomorrow. It’s something that he can keep with him so that even at work he can think of Boba. I guess I’m hoping that if he has this then maybe he will channel some positive vibes that will help make this cycle the one. I’ll share a picture of it once h has been given it. We’re both a bit nervous deep down. Boba has existed for far longer than Shortcake ever did. Yes, Boba has been frozen since July but even with that they have existed to us. We have thought about them, said hello whenever we were in the clinic and dreamt of a future together. Boba is more real to us than ever before and we don’t want that to go away.

I’m cautiously excited. I’m ready for this next step of our FET journey, I hope it’s the best yet! Hold on Boba we’re coming for you.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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